Liposuction & Liposculpting

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New Beauty Feature

Dr. Svehlak and Dr. Yamini in the Spring 2011 Issue of New Beauty discussing liposuction. View Profile (PDF) 

About Liposuction at Sunset Cosmetic Surgery

Sunset Cosmetic Surgery’s liposuction procedure can help to permanently remove stubborn fat cells from problem areas when dieting and exercise just aren’t enough. Hereditary bumps and bulges can create disproportionate contours of the body that are unattractive and virtually impossible to get rid of. Laser liposuction Los Angeles offers the latest revolutionized technology to remove the excess bulge safely giving you the sexy, sculpted body you’ve always wanted.

Dr. Svehlak and Dr. Yamini are laser liposuction Los Angeles surgeons who use the most advanced technologies to achieve the smoothest and most natural-looking results possible with the least recovery time. Their combined expertise and years of professional experience are why they’re among the leading surgeons for Los Angeles liposuction.

Because every body is unique and requires a distinctive set of solutions, Sunset Cosmetic Surgery offers both standard volume using general anesthesia in an operating room as well as minimally invasive liposuction procedures tailored to meet your needs. Mini Sculpt liposculpture Los Angeles is lipo that is done as an outpatient procedure under local anesthesia by on of our Los Angeles liposuction surgeons.

Typical Recovery Time

Day 1 after liposuction Los Angeles, patients feel groggy from the anesthesia and pain medications. Day 2 is often the most uncomfortable as the healing process begins. A compression garment is worn after laser liposuction Los Angeles surgery to help reduce swelling and post-operative discomfort. The garment is inconspicuous and comfortably worn under clothing. After a liposuction Los Angeles procedure patients usually head back to work in 3 to 7 days and can resume moderate physical activity after several weeks to their comfort level. Recovery time is often less with Slim Lipo, liposculpture Los Angeles, usually returning the patient back to minimal activity within 24 hours. 

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