About Facelifts

Sunset’s Los Angeles facelift rejuvenates the face and neck area by tightening the skin as well as drooping underlying muscles and tissue. Dr. Yamini and Dr. Svehlak are highly experienced facelift surgeons who excel in achieving natural-looking Los Angeles face lift results.

Avoiding Common Facelift Tip-offs

Extreme care goes into the location of each incision and how they are placed so they will be well-hidden and least detectable. Other highly advanced techniques are used to make sure earlobes appear natural, and the “done” look is avoided.

Addressing Sagging AND Volume

Simply tightening the skin on the face can sometimes result in a”pulled” look. Sagging is only part of the facial aging process, which is also caused by a loss of fat in the face. The surgeons often perform facial fat grafting in conjunction with each Los Angeles face lift. This helps produce the most natural looking results possible by adding subtle volume while correcting the sagging.

Not Too Tight

During our face lift Los Angeles procedure, Dr. Svehlak and Dr. Yamini take great care to replace the skin without tension. This helps achieve the least detectable scar possible and maintains the earlobe in its normal anatomic position (a telltale sign of a poorly done facelift). During our facelift Los Angeles surgery, care is also taken in the hairline area behind the ear be to look very natural once healed.


The above photos show a facelift incisions close up one year after surgery. Notice the short and well-hidden scar and the very natural earlobe. A poorly shaped earlobe can be a telltale sign of a ‘bad facelift.’ Photos courtesy of Dr. Yamini.

Average Recovery Time After a Los Angeles Facelift

Plan on resting for the first few days after your face lift Los Angeles procedure. You will be swollen and most people also experience some post-operative bruising. Stitches are usually removed during the first week of recovery and you will need to exercise care when working with your hair (or shaving for men) since you will have incisions along the hairline. Avoid strenuous activities for about 3 weeks. The average time off work for most of our facelift Los Angeles patients is around 2 weeks. View facelift recovery photos week by week.

Click to view one patient's facelift recovery process.

Click to view one patient’s facelift recovery process.

Please note that all Before and After photographs shown on this site are patients of Dr. Svehlak or Dr. Yamini, who have given permission to have their photos published. Images may be edited only to obscure distinctive features such as moles, jewelry, tattoos, or birthmarks for patient privacy. Photos are for illustrative purposes only. Individual results may vary. Reputable surgeons do not guarantee outcomes, and no prediction of outcome is implied. Individual healing characteristics and unexpected complications can affect the outcome of any surgical or non-surgical procedure.