Will Insurance Pay for My Plastic Surgery Procedure?

The board-certified expert plastic surgeons at Sunset Cosmetic Surgery have often been able to assist patients with plastic surgery procedures that may be covered by insurance. This has included reconstructive surgeries for those requiring breast reductions, gynecomastia repair, certain types of scar deformitiescapsulectomy repair (revision of scar tissue surrounding breast implants), and certain other types of cases.

Is Cosmetic Surgery Covered?

No, there are no insurance plans that cover purely cosmetic procedures.  However, certain plastic surgery procedures with medical benefits which may be covered also have an aesthetic benefit.

How Would I Know What is or is Not Covered?

The expense of plastic surgery and what procedures are covered depends on which procedure you are considering, your insurance provider and the particular plan that you carry. Plastic surgery procedures that may be covered are limited, and even within those, not all carriers may cover all plastic surgery procedures or cover the entire cost. Procedures must typically be pre-authorized and deemed a medical necessity. General guidelines are typically adhered to by insurance companies when it comes to the definitions of what is considered corrective, revision or reconstructive, but Sunset Cosmetic Surgery does not expect you to figure it out all on your own. Our knowledgeable staff is happy to assist and will help you determine what is covered as well as whether you your meet insurance requirements.

If you are considering plastic surgery and are interested in learning more about potential coverage through your health insurance, call Sunset Cosmetic Surgery for a FREE insurance verification estimate or simply complete the form below.



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