Throughout the aging process, the natural levels of hyaluronic acid in our skin begin to rapidly decrease. Specially formulated to hydrate as it tightens, TEOXANE’s RHA™ (Resilient Hyaluronic Acid) functions as part of the skin’s makeup and composition with rich ingredients that are designed to reverse, inhibit and diminish these signs of aging.


At Sunset Cosmetic Surgery, we carry the following TEOXANE RHA™ products:



A formula specially designed for sensitive skin, RHA™ Eyes Advanced Contour serum is fragrance free and is perfect for helping to eliminate unwanted dark circles or eye puffiness. The products work well to complete and enhance the results of popular aesthetic procedures, while simultaneously diminishing the signs of aging through smoothing and brightening the area around the eye.




Designed to support even the most sensitive of complexions, RHA™ Prime Solution is comprised of a gentle combination of rose water and RHA™ technology to prepare and cleanse facial skin prior to additional RHA™ skin care product usage. RHA™ Prime Solution is comforting, calming, and formulated without harmful ingredients such as alcohol, paraben, or phenoxyethanol.



A unique blend of powerful antioxidants is paired together with the hydrating strength and moisturizing power of TEOXANE’s patented formulation of hyaluronic acid. RHA™ Serum softens as it hydrates, visibly brightens as it revitalizes, and rejuvenates the skin while reducing the appearance of skin fatigue.



Working to combat premature aging and increasing hyaluronic acid levels, RHA™ Advanced Age Defense Cream visibly reduces wrinkles and fine lines as it smoothes and hydrates the skin for a luminous complexion. Designed to work in line after RHA™ Serum applications, RHA™ Advanced Age Defense Cream is specifically formulated in two combinations: dry and normal-to-combination skin.



With results in as little as 15 days, RHA™ Skin Refiner works in combination with RHA™ technology and highly concentrated ingredients, including glycolic acid, which are designed to help resurface the skin. Newly rejuvenated cell growth reveals a radiant and glowing complexion along with a smaller, refined pore structure. Age-related issues such as fine lines, wrinkles, and age spots are quickly reduced for a more luminous, youthful appearance.


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