About Eyelid Surgery (aka Blepharoplasty)

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Typical Recovery Time After Eyelid Surgery

After eyelid surgery Los Angeles patients are instructed to keep their head elevated for several days. A cool compress can help reduce swelling and bruising. Bruising varies from person to person with this procedure: it reaches its peak during the first week. While everyone is different, most patients feel comfortable stepping out in public after the first week of recovery, though minor residual puffiness or bruising may still be present. You can view the healing process of a Los Angeles eyelid surgery patient who had her upper lids done to get a better idea of how it looks as it heals. Stitches are usually removed 2-7 days after surgery. Once they’re removed, the swelling and discoloration around the eyes will gradually subside. Most patients need to avoid contact lenses for about 2 weeks.