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*Patient results may vary.

Liposuction results often depend less on the type of procedure performed (tumescent vs. laser vs. ultrasonic) and depend far more on the skill and experience of the surgeon. Dr. Dan Yamini and Dr. Steve Svehlak frequently hear of patients describing some “discount liposuction” that led to the poor results they were left to live with. This sales tactic can often be a red flag indicating a surgeon lacking experience or the right credentials to perform liposuction properly. Dr. Svehlak: “It is very upsetting when I see these patients and their results. It seems as though some doctors perform these procedures with no regards or understanding of how the outcome will be. I feel much of this is from lack of experience by these doctors.”

Our double board-certified surgeons at Sunset Cosmetic Surgery have years of specialized training in aesthetic procedures. This has made Sunset the go-to practice for liposuction revision in Los Angeles for women and celebrities whose liposuction procedure performed elsewhere does not yield their desired results. Patients have often said to Dr. Svehlak, “I wish I had come to see you first before ever doing the procedure.”

If you have undergone a liposuction procedure that has yielded unsatisfying results, please contact Sunset Cosmetic Surgery or call 310-858-9100 for further information about a liposuction revision in the Los Angeles area.

What Can Be Done in a Liposuction Revision

It can be an extreme let-down when you try to make a positive change and the results aren’t what you anticipated. Don‚Äôt panic, and try not to feel discouraged; there are several ways liposuction revision can be performed.

Liposuction Revision: One Patient’s 13-Week Video Diary on Youtube

*Patient results may vary.


What Went Wrong, and How Sunset Surgeons Can Fix It with Liposuction Revision

Traditional liposuction uses large tubes, or cannulas, that remove large pockets of fat tissue. If done too close to the skin’s surface or in areas with loose skin, dents or ripples may occur.

Dr. Svehlak, who specializes in liposuction and liposuction revision, uses a combination of micro fat grafting and micro liposculpting to help improve the look of post-lipo irregularities. Sought after for his highly skilled work, he has helped many patients improve their undesirable plastic surgery results and restore their confidence.

Understandably, liposuction revision patients tend to not want to go back to the surgeon who did their initial work. Dr. Svehlak brings a genuine sense of care to every patient, and helps them understand the process and have realistic expectations for their results.

Notably, Dr. Svelhak performed a liposuction revision on actress Tara Reid, whose initial liposuction and breast enhancement surgery left her with irregularities. Dr. Svehlak improved the look of Tara’s original breast surgery by revising her implant incision scar to make her areolas more even. He also used micro fat grafting and micro liposculpture to smooth out dents and bumps that bothered her on her stomach. Tara called Dr. Svehlak her “hero,” and credited him with restoring her confidence.

Typically, patients need to wait at least six months from the time of their most recent surgery to undergo a liposuction revision, so that the body has had enough time to heal properly. This window also keeps any post-operative swelling due to the original surgery from interfering with the revision procedure.

Liposuction Revision: An Interview with Dr. Steven Svehlak

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Dr. Steven Svehlak, co-founder of Sunset Cosmetic Surgery, is a surgeon who specializes in liposuction revision. Board-certified in plastic surgery as well as general surgery, Dr. Svehlak has performed more than 5,000 cosmetic procedures to date, and is highly regarded for his experience in corrective procedures. Below is a Q&A with Dr. Svehlak about liposuction/liposculpture and how a liposuction revision can be performed.

Q: What is Liposculpture?

Dr. Svehlak: Liposculpture (also known as liposuction) removes fat using small tubes, known as cannulas, to precisely target the location of undesired fat with minimal downtime. It is ideal for patients who are near their goal weight, but cannot lose hereditary pockets of fat on their body. The most popular areas of fat removal are stomach, thighs, hips, and waistline.

Q: Is Liposculpture safe?

Dr. Svehlak: Certainly. Any surgery carries some degree of risk. However, liposculpture is relatively low risk for those seeing a board-certified plastic surgeon, and who are in good physical condition. Liposculpture is most effective for people who are within 5 to 10 pounds of their desired goal weight.

Q: I had liposuction performed by another surgeon, but I’m not happy with the results. Can you help?

Dr. Svehlak: It is unfortunate to hear, but know that there is hope. By using micro fat grafting to replace some of the fat removed, and micro liposculpture to carefully even out bumps or uneven areas, results can usually be greatly improved. Here are some examples of liposuction revision.

Q: Have there been more requests for liposuction revision recently?

Dr. Svehlak: Yes. As the number of people having plastic surgery continues to rise, there has been more demand for liposuction revision to correct carelessly performed liposuction. Unfortunately, there is no real regulation of the types of doctors who are able to offer this procedure and the training they receive. Currently, doctors who are dermatologists, OB/GYNs, and other types of medical practitioners can perform outpatient liposuction with very little training or experience. To save time and money in the long run, find a board-certified plastic surgeon with experience in lipo. Board certification (in plastic surgery) alone indicates that the surgeon has had years of training specifically in aesthetic procedures, and has been reviewed thoroughly by their peers.

Q: Will my stomach/waist/thighs look like they did prior to my initial surgery?

Dr. Svehlak: The goal with any liposuction revision work is improvement, not perfection. The nature of the improvements is something we spend a lot of time discussing during consultations. Most patients are happy with the improvement I am able to achieve, and feel much more confident after a liposuction revision.

Q: Which areas can be improved with a liposuction revision?

Dr. Svehlak: Every case is different, and depends on the location and depth of the fat removed. Liposuction revisions are usually for patients who had an initial surgery that was overly aggressive, so replacing some of the fat can often help smooth the areas out. A few photo examples of liposuction revision are below:

Above set: Dr. Svehlak. Patient had overly aggressive liposuction done elsewhere leaving irregular contours of abdomen and waist. Corrective liposculpture was done which included precise liposuctioning of fuller areas, fat harvesting and transfer of autologous fat to indented areas of abdomen and flanks to help smooth contours. Photos are 3 months post-op. Significant improvement is noted in her abdominal wall contours with much smoother skin.
Above set: Dr. Svehlak. Post-op 2 months from corrective liposculpture to repair ripples and uneven contours left from liposuction done elsewhere. Contours of abdomen are improved and look much more natural.
Above set: Dr. Svehlak. Patient had overly aggressive liposuction done elsewhere leaving irregular contours of upper arms. Post-op 3 months from corrective liposculpture of upper arms which included liposuctioning of fuller areas, fat harvesting and transfer of autologous fat to indented areas. Contours are much improved.

*Patient results may vary.

A consultation with Dr. Svehlak is the best way to determine if a liposuction revision would be a good option for you. Request a consultation or call 310-858-9100. Photos can also be emailed to for the doctor’s feedback and review.

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