In 2008, Allergan Consulting Group conducted a Patient Satisfaction Survey of almost 300 top-ranking plastic surgery practices nationwide. The survey was given to patients across the country, who filled them out and sent them directly to Allergan. Questions related to competency, professionalism, procedure satisfaction, comfort and overall experience. 100 surveys were received from patients who had visited Sunset Cosmetic Surgery, and the results were fantastic. A few highlights:

 Sunset Cosmetic Surgery beat the National Database averages on EVERY SINGLE QUESTION (14 out of 14 questions total).

 Sunset scored a perfect score for “How satisfied were you with the provider’s treatment and recommendations?”, meaning that all 100 respondents gave Sunset a 5 out of 5.

 Sunset also received 100% PERFECT scores from every respondent for being“friendly and courteous”, “competent and professional” and “sympathetic and caring.”

 100% of the respondents said they would recommend Sunset Cosmetic Surgery to their friends. We are incredibly flattered, and very proud of these results!!!