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Sunset Cosmetic Surgery – Mommy Makeovers Los Angeles
Sunset Cosmetic Surgery – Liposuction Los Angeles
Sunset Cosmetic Surgery – Breast Enhancement Los Angeles
Dr. Svehlak – A Patient’s Story:

A 13-Week Liposuction Revision Video Diary

Dr. Yamini – Jackie’s Story:

“This is so life changing”

Dr. Svehlak – Allison’s Story

“This is so life changing”

Hot in Hollywood: The Brazilian Butt Lift Featuring Penny Lancaster

Mommy Makeover Segment on SoCal Now

Dr. Svehlak and Dr. Yamini were featured on KCAL 9 in an episode of SoCal Now, which featured the hottest and best products and services for Moms-to-be. The episode was titled, “Best for Babies & Moms-To-Be”.

Dr. Yamini – Norma’s Story:

“I have a new outlook on life”

Dr. Svehlak – J.T.’s Story

“I was noticing my chin… in every picture”

Dr. Yamini – Megan: Finding the Right Surgeon

Megan talks about injectables with Dr. Yamini.

Dr. Svehlak – Marianna’s Story

“I didn’t want somebody else’s nose”

Dr. Yamini – Debbie’s Facelift Story

“I have a higher level of confidence”

Dr. Svehlak on Vh1 Special
Dr. Yamini – Lavonne’s Story:

“I feel sexier!”

Dr. Svehlak – Chris’ Story:

“I felt comfortable with Dr. Svehlak”

Dr. Yamini – Megan’s Story:

“You can’t put a price on feeling better”

Dr. Svehlak – Kenny’s Story:

“I wanted to look like myself, not someone else“

Dr. Yamini – The Drummond Twins’ Story

“It looks like we had a good night’s sleep”

Dr. Svehlak – Gina’s Story:

“I was extremely self conscious about my breasts”

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