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Liposuction Revision

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*Patient results may vary.

Liposuction results are often less a product of what type of liposuction is done (tumescent vs. laser vs. ultrasonic) and far more a result of the skill and experience of the surgeon. It is very often that Dr. Yamini and Dr. Svehlak hear of patients describing some “discount liposuction” that has led to the poor results. This can often be a red flag for a surgeon lacking experience or the right credentials to do liposuction properly. Our double board certified surgeons at Sunset have years of specialized training in aesthetic procedures, as well as many years of experience in liposuction and contouring the body. Therefore, they have become the go-to practice for women and celebrities seeking corrections and repairs when liposuction done elsewhere does not yield results as hoped for. Dr. Svehlak often hears patients saying, “I wish I had come to see you first before ever doing the procedure.” If you’ve had liposuction done and are not satisfied with the results, please contact us for further information or visit these related pages:

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*Patient results may vary.

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