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Benelli breast lifts are perfect for women whose breasts have developed looseness, mild to moderate saginess or a deflated appearance from weight loss or pregnancy. This technique does not raise the breasts in the traditional sense, but it does give them a fuller and perkier appearance. Implants are used to “reinflate” the breasts and the benelli sinches up the lose skin to lift the nipples to a higher position on the breasts.

A benelli lift is also a good choice for those with enlarged, widened or uneven areolas. Instead of a traditional anchor-shaped scar below each breast, the incision on a benelli lift is done only around the areolas. Sometimes, a benelli lift is also calls a “donut” mastopexy, or lift. This is because excess skin is removed in a doughnut shape all the way around the areolas.

Dr. Yamini and Dr. Svehlak are very experienced in this technique. A well-experienced and highly skilled surgeon is often able to blend the incision nicely around the borders of the areolas so that, once healed, they are difficult to detect. Benelli lifts are often done in conjunction with with breast implants to add fullness while also correcting the sagging. The goal of a benelli breast lift is to give a perkier and more youthful appearance to sagging breasts, so that the nipples are pointing upwards and a scar is blended into the natural border of the areolas.

Advantages to the benelli breast lift include

  • Less noticeable scarring vs. a traditional anchor-scar or lollipop breast lift.
  • Since the incisions are smaller than those required during a traditional breast lift, benelli lifts usually heal faster and require less recovery time.

Disadvantages to the benelli breast lift include

  • More difficult than a traditional breast lift. This procedure requires a high level of skill and an experienced surgeon, so it is recommended that it only be performed by a board certified plastic surgeon with a lot of specific experience in this procedure.
  • Cannot be used for extremely saggy breasts. If there is too much extra skin, a traditional incision will usually be recommended.

Typical Recovery Time After a Benelli Breast Lift

After breast lift surgery, it is usually possible to return to work within a week or so, depending on your job. In many cases, breast lift Los Angeles patients resume most of their normal activities, including some form of mild exercise, after several weeks.

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