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There are a variety of ways to achieve lip enhancement in the Beverly Hills area. Dr. Steven Svehlak wrote about some of these in his article titled, “The Perfect Lips: In Search of Size and Shape.” The key in good lip enhancement work consists of re-sizing and/or reshaping the upper and/or lower lips to improve their size in relation to the patient’s nose, teeth, and surrounding facial structures.

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The common methods for lip enhancement are through injectable fillers, V-Y plasty, or lip implants. We do not do lip implants at this practice, since they tend to have an industry-wide reputation for problems: hardness, scar tissue, infections, and a fake look. In fact, we have lip enhancement patients who come in to see us to remove their lip implants quite often, which they had put in elsewhere.

Here are the procedures we currently offer for lip enhancement:

  1. Injectable fillers
    Injectables are temporary and last up to a year. View photos of this on our Injectable Photos page or view pricing and options in our Injectable Services section. PROS: Recovery is in hours or maybe a day or two. CONS: Some people wish they weren’t temporary.
  2. Lip Lift
    Read more about this lip enhancement procedure and view photos in our Lip Lift section. PROS: Can be done in-office with local anesthetic. Gives nice shape if done right and also reduces length between nose and upper lip. The muscle is also lifted to a degree. CONS: Since cutting is involved, a scar will form. However, Dr. Svehlak has reduced this scar over the years by carefully planning the incisions higher into the nose area so as to conceal them better in the natural folds and creases.
  3. Lip Reduction
    Read more about this procedure and view photos on our Lip Lift and Lip Reduction page. PROS: Can usually be done in-office with local anesthetic. Can offset previously unsatisfactory lip enhancement work and reduce the size of upper or lower lip while giving nice shape. CONS: This procedure is permanent and some experience lip numbness afterward, which is usually temporary.
  4. V-Y Plasty
    A V-Y plasty does not utilize an implant, but pulls out a portion of the patient’s own lip that is hidden inside, thus widening the lip externally. This can be performed on the upper lip and the lower lip. During your Los Angeles lip enhancement consultation, the doctor will review your options with you to help you achieve the look you desire. PROS: No implant, which means a more natural look and feel is possible and the incidence of infection is lower vs. an implant. Longer lasting than injections. CONS: Recovery can take up to two weeks. Discuss how much time you think you will need for recovery after your procedure with your surgeon during your consultation.

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