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    Typical Liposuction Recovery Timelines

    Initial recovery varies based on whether local or general anesthesia was used. General anesthesia is employed in cases where a lot of areas are being treated or there is a large volume of fat to remove. These cases also take longer to recover from.

    Smaller cases involving smaller amounts of fat or areas treated are usually done in the office using a sedative and local anesthetic for numbing. Patients who undergo general anesthesia will usually experience more grogginess the day of and the day after their liposuction procedure. Day two, as the healing process begins, is often the most uncomfortable.

    A compression garment is worn after liposuction procedures to help reduce swelling and post-operative discomfort. The garment is inconspicuous and comfortably worn under clothing. It is important to avoid excessive sodium consumption to limit swelling after surgery.

    After liposuction, Los Angeles-area patients usually head back to work in three to seven days, depending on the case, and can resume moderate physical activity after several weeks to their comfort level. Recovery time is often quite minimal when done on smaller areas, with patients often able to return to basic minimal activity within 24 to 48 hours.

    It’s important to talk to Dr. Yamini or Dr. Svehlak about your case and how long you’ll likely need for recovery before you are back in action.

    Procedures Beyond Liposuction

    While liposuction is excellent for reducing fat cells in a targeted area, fat removal is only one element of body contouring. Skin and other tissues must conform to the newly slimmed-down contours to truly reveal the change. This can be a problem if skin is not healthy or pliant enough to contract. Loose skin remaining after fat reduction can create a flabby look, but can be reduced with surgery.

    A tummy tuck (especially for moms) is commonly paired with liposuction to provide total silhouette-changing contouring. This procedure tightens abdominal skin and removes the excess, as well as tightens muscles that have slackened due to being stretched out.

    Patients specifically seeking fat removal for their submental area can consider KYBELLA®, an injectable approved by the FDA only for use on double chins. The minimally invasive treatment destroys fat cells with deoxycholic acid, permanently removing them from the body. Once the desired look is achieved, no further treatments are expected to be necessary.

    While cellulite is not strictly a fat-based problem, the skin condition is closely related to excess fat cells that push the skin outward and create dimpling. Patients who choose liposuction for their thighs or buttocks and who also want to address cellulite can enjoy the results of Cellfina™, a minimally invasive treatment that severs the connective bands that pull skin down into unwanted divots and dimples.

    Dr. Svehlak, Dr. Yamini, and the Sunset Cosmetic Surgery team will work with you to create a customized plan based on achieving the cosmetic results you want.