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    How long does a mommy makeover take?

    Your time with us in Beverly Hills will depend on how many procedures you are having, and how involved they are. You will be advised in advance of how long you should expect to be in surgery.

    What is included in a mommy makeover?

    Dr. Svehlak and Dr. Yamini use their extensive knowledge and skills combined with your goals and unique case to determine which procedures are best for you.
    Popular Mommy Makeover combinations performed at Sunset include:

    • Liposuction + Breast Augmentation (with Implants)
    • Tummy Tuck + Breast Lift
    • Mini-Tummy Tuck + Breast Augmentation
    • Liposuction + Mini-Tummy Tuck
    • Brazilian Butt Lift + Breast Lift

    How much does a mommy makeover cost in Beverly Hills?

    Every surgery is different, and therefore this influences pricing. We offer several payment options, and the ability to finance your treatment with a full range of extended payment plans through CareCredit®.

    Can a mommy makeover be performed in a single operation?

    A Mommy Makeover can be done in one or two stages, depending on the procedures chosen. They may be done in one surgery together, or at two separate times.

    How long do I need to recover?

    Depending on your procedures, you can typically return to performing non-physical jobs and activities in two to three weeks. Most patients can return to full activity levels within one to two months after their Mommy Makeover.

    When is the best time to get a Mommy Makeover?

    This is mainly a personal choice. If you are planning on having more children within the next year or so, we would recommend not pursuing an aggressive Mommy Makeover procedure at this time. If you are not sure about having more children, then this would be discussed on a case by case basis. Most women get great satisfaction from a Mommy Makeover procedure and may want to pursue this sooner.

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