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    The required recovery time can vary widely, depending on whether a breast augmentation, reduction or lift was performed to achieve your breast asymmetry correction.

    • If you have had a breast augmentation or reduction, and/or a nipple revision for breast asymmetry correction: After the surgery, the doctor will likely recommend wearing a special surgical bra and/or tape for several weeks to minimize swelling and support the breasts. You should expect to feel tired, and for your breasts to feel tender for the first 24 to 48 hours after the operation. Most patients need to take one to two weeks off from work and normal activity, with strenuous activity not recommended for about six weeks after the operation. Patients should also avoid activities involving lifting and/or pushing for about two to four weeks. Note that a scarless breast reduction may require less recovery time than a traditional one.
    • If a breast lift is performed for a breast asymmetry correction, recovery time will depend on the type of lift used. Some patients can get back to work after about a week. Your surgeon will advise you on specific recovery times, and when you will be able to resume exercise and other activity.