The face procedures themselves are categorized generally by the targeted feature: nose, eyelids, etc. Some patients are surprised to learn that a facelift is not a face procedure that addresses everything from the neck up, but instead is a surgery that focuses very specifically on the cheeks, jawline, and into the neck. Read on to learn more about this and other available face procedures.


This surgery is for altering the contours on the lower 2/3 to 1/2 of the face to address sagging and the formation of jowls, sagging in the cheeks, and looseness into the neck. Learn more.


This surgery is focused on correcting and tightening loose muscle (platysmaplasty) in the neck with placement of internal stitches. In addition, lipocontouring is performed to give the best overall contour. Learn more.

Brow/Forehead Lift

A drooping brow can give the entire face a heavy, perpetually concerned look. This surgery tightens the tissues on the upper third of the face. Learn more.

Eyelid Surgery

One or both eyelids may develop laxity, causing drooping on the upper lids and bagginess on the lower lids. This surgery can help create a more alert and youthful appearance. Learn more.


A range of options for altering the shape of the nose is available, allowing the surgeons to address nasal humps, crooked or drooping tips, wide nostrils, and other issues. Learn more.

More Face Procedures

Drs. Yamini and Svehlak also offer face procedures to make cosmetic changes to the earslipschin, and more.

There are also nonsurgical options that can provide temporary results via injections or the application of specific wavelengths of light or chemicals. These are typically for smoothing out the fine lines and wrinkles not addressed by contour-altering surgical face procedures, though some are also used for tightening and lifting sagging tissue. Results from nonsurgical treatments generally do not last as long as results from surgery. One exception is Kybella®, which disrupts the fat cells that make a double chin so they cannot grow again.

Beyond the Face

While the face is certainly an area that receives a great deal of attention, many patients are also interested in surgeries available for other regions. In addition to face procedures, Drs. Yamini and Svehlak offer breast procedures and body procedures, which can be performed on their own or combined with each other. Some patients may want to address sagging all over, while others choose liposuction to eliminate stubborn pockets of fat from head to toe. All of this can be discussed with the surgeons.


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