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    After Care

    Recovery time following a thigh lift varies based on the nature of the case, as well as whether the thigh lift was performed with other procedures. Patients often experience swelling and bruising following surgery, though a smoother, tighter lower body will be visible right away. Much of this bruising and swelling will be gone after three to four weeks, though a small amount may remain for several months.

    Pain is managed in early recovery with medicine. Typically, any stitches used are removed within a week after surgery. However, deeper sutures may not be removed until two or three weeks later. Sunset supplies special compression garments patients wear under their clothes for several weeks following their thigh lift to promote healing and help tighten the skin.

    Most patients can expect to return to their normal routine of non-physical work about seven to 14 days after a thigh lift. However, they are asked to avoid strenuous activity for up to a month following their surgery, until the incisions have healed and any discomfort has subsided.

    As always, patients can minimize pain and swelling by following all instructions recommended by our skilled surgeons.

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