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    The result was lovely! I was scheduled for a breast lifting at Dr. Daniels Yamini’s Clinic and I can honestly say that he’s one of the best surgeons I ever known. I really appreciate him for being professional, very caring about his parents, honest and he truly does a great job. I highly recommend him and I would like to thank Dr. Daniel Yamini for everything!

    - Mann E, Hollywood

    I recently had a breast lift with Dr. Yamini and it went very well. What I really like about him was, he always pays attention to his patient and consistently spare some time to give a follow up calls. I was never been disappointed that I made the surgery with him, Dr. Yamini was very careful in every operation, he had, he made sure that his patients were very comfortable and I had nothing bad to say about him but he’s truly one of the skillful surgeon I ever met. He made everything possible and it exactly met my expectations. Definitely loves to recommend this guy!

    - Alicea, NYC