As they celebrate a 15-year partnership, Los Angeles Drs. Svehlak and Yamini explain why two heads are better than one when it comes to plastic surgery.

What are your most memorable achievement in the last 15 years?

Dr. Svehlak: The mere fact that we are the only practice in LA that has truly flourished as a partnership is a testament to the integrity and core values of what real doctors should represent: honesty, integrity, and experience.

Dr. Daniel Yamini and Dr. Steven Svehlak, Los Angeles Top Surgeons Because we work together, over the years, we’ve been able to fine-tune our unique skills and areas of super specialty, especially when it comes to revision procedures. Beyond just specializing in cosmetic surgery, every great plastic surgeon develops a super specialty – in Dr. Yamini’s case, that includes correcting bad breast surgery and converting the unnatural to the most natural aesthetic look possible.

Dr. Yamini: Dr. Svehlak’s super specialty is correcting bad liposuction and body surgery. He is noted for revision liposuction and fat grafting.

Not only will a patient have access to two qualified plastic surgeons, but two that have multiplied their skillset by working with each other instead of individually.

What makes Sunset a unique practice? Do you have any special techniques as a pair?

Dr. Yamini: We both are double board-certified plastic surgeons. With many major surgeries, such as tummy tucks, breast lifts, and breast reductions, we often work together. This way, you get the expertise of two highly trained and qualified plastic surgeons. Two heads are better than one, the surgical experience for the patient is safer, the patient has easier access to their surgeon, and providing cross-coverage another equally qualified surgeon is never a problem when one is out of town.

Dr. Svehlak: We each have over 15 years of experience performing about 10,000 surgeries – it’s rare to be able to visit a practice that has collectively performed 20,000 surgeries!

What benefits do two specialists have over one?

Dr. Yamini: Each surgeon brings their own unique knowledge and surgical style that you don’t get with just one surgeon.

Dr. Svehlak: A single surgeon can only provide a limited amount of high-quality focused plastic surgery in one procedure. Having two specialists allows you to offer multiple procedure within a single one’s surgery and recovery period with equal safety. Both of us have also very diverse clientele, and invariably, we each gain more experience with patients of different demographics.

What can a patient expect from having two doctors working on them simultaneously?

Dr. Yamini: An easier recovery for the patient as a whole, due to shorter operation times and reduced exposure to anesthesia and its potential side effects.

What do you admire most about each other?

Dr. Svehlak: Dr. Yamini is a very hard worker. He is very focused, and puts his patients’ needs and safety first, while being quick to get things done. It’s very easy for me to discuss patient treatments or running the office, to get another viewpoint. And it doesn’t hurt that he’s a sharp dresser, either!

Dr. Yamini: I admire Dr. Svehlak’s honesty, integrity, and commitment to patient safety and satisfaction. He has a cool, calm, and humble demeanor, and is somehow always in tune with his patients, which allows him to gain and preserve his patients’ confidence.

Why is it important to you to celebrate the last 15 years?

Dr. Yamini: It’s hard to find two board-certified plastic surgeons working together at a successful practice for this long. I think it makes a strong statement to our patients and community of our commitment to patient care.

Dr. Svehlak: When two surgeons succeed at collaborating for more than 15 years, this signifies strong core values at the heart of their professional relationship.

What are you most thankful for in the last 15 years?

Dr. Yamini: At the office, it is comforting to always have a colleague to discuss topics of treatments, patient issues, and even office management issues. Because we share this space, we can maintain a beautiful office while sharing the load.

Dr. Svehlak: Succeeding in this industry for 15 years without having to resort to sensationalism, glamorizing, and hype tactics.

What’s next for your practice?

Dr. Yamini: We want to become the go-to practice for all Mommy Makeover needs. We are also incorporating more treatments into our practice that focus on being healthier, such as acupuncture and Asian herbal treatment for energy and weight loss.

Dr. Svehlak: We are excited to expand and provide more health and wellness services such as weight loss and pain management. We are proud to be able to offer the expertise of having two surgeons involved in both surgical and non-surgical procedures at the cost of a single surgeons’ time.

As an example, what’s it like to get a tummy tuck with two doctors instead of one?

Dr. Yamini:

Dr. Svehlak:

Overall, there’s much less time under anesthesia and a quicker surgical procedure, and therefore fewer post-surgical side effects. We both can anticipate each other’s moves and also help avoid problems during the procedure. People feel better quicker, with less nausea postoperatively. These all result in quicker recovery, quicker healing, and a more pleasant postop experience for the patient.

How long does it take?

Dr. Yamini: With one doctor a surgery could take three to four hours. With two experienced surgeons, it can be done in nearly half the time.

What does Dr. Svehlak/Dr. Yamini work on?

We can both work on the same portions of the surgery. However, there are particular times where only one person can suture at a given time (such as when we place tightening stitches in the muscle wall).

Is there a cost difference in getting a surgical package with two doctors?

No – the price is the same as having one!

In one sentence, tell me why I should come see you both instead of another practice?

Dr. Yamini: The combined many years of experience, or track record of safety for our patients, the extra hand-holding we can offer before and after surgery – we give a lot of time to our patients to discuss all their concerns, and we are nice and friendly people.

Dr. Svehlak: Instead of Batman and Robin in a standard facility with a surgeon and assistants, you’re getting Batman and Batman together!

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