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    Brazilian Butt Lift Video

    Typical Recovery Times

    Most Los Angeles Brazilian butt lift patients can return to a desk job in about one week. In some cases, with additional procedures, or extensive use of liposuction, a patient may need extended recovery time. During recovery, it is important to minimize pressure (such as sitting) on the fat grafted sites (buttocks). This will allow for the best survival of the transferred fat. Brazilian butt lift patients can usually return to full activity levels within three to four weeks. At this time, bruising and swelling after buttock augmentation will have receded significantly, though some slight signs of the surgery may remain for several weeks beyond this.

    Procedures to Complement a Brazilian Butt Lift

    An augmented, shapelier butt may inspire some women to seek a similar procedure for their breasts. Implants can add more volume to this feminine feature, revealing an overall curvier silhouette. Fat transfer can also be used to augment the breasts.

    Patients choosing a buttock augmentation due to massive weight loss may also consider surgery to tighten lax tissue elsewhere. A thigh lift or arm lift addresses flabby limbs, while a tummy tuck can smooth out a loose–looking abdomen. An overall body lift can tackle many of a patient’s concerns at once, combining several lifts into one body–slimming procedure.

    Talk to Dr. Steve Svehlak and Dr. Dan Yamini to find out which procedure or mix of procedures, including a Brazilian butt lift, would best serve you and your goals.

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