There are several ways to go about a correction for asymmetrical breasts: some women may want to augment (enlarge) the smaller breast to look like the larger one, while others may choose to reduce the size of the larger breast to match the smaller one. Breast augmentation (where implants are available in a variety of customizable shapes and sizes), scarless breast reduction, and/or traditional breast reduction are procedures often used in the process of breast asymmetry correction. Nipple reductions or revisions can also be performed to give the nipples a more symmetrical look if they are of different sizes, or if the patient would simply like them to look smaller. A traditional, Benelli, or other method of breast lift can also correct unevenness or overall issues with sagging, loose, or deflated breasts.These procedures may be performed in conjunction with each other to minimize required recovery periods, and to ensure that the breasts overall are in symmetry.