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    How is scarless breast reduction different from traditional breast reduction surgery?

    Traditional breast reduction surgery involves larger incisions, often resulting in more noticeable scars. Breast reduction without scars, on the other hand, uses smaller incisions and liposuction to minimize scarring. Traditional breast reductions include a large removal of skin while the scarless breast reduction does not.

    Are the results of scarless breast reduction permanent?

    The results can be long-lasting, but factors like weight fluctuations and the natural aging process can affect breast size and shape over time. Maintaining a stable weight and following your surgeon’s post-operative instructions can help preserve the results.

    Will I lose sensation in my breasts or nipples after scarless breast reduction?

    Nipple sensation may be temporarily affected, but in most cases, the sensation returns to normal over time. Permanent loss of sensation is rare but can occur. Your surgeon will discuss this risk during your consultation.

    Can scarless breast reduction also address sagging breasts?

    The procedure can improve breast shape and may provide some lift, but it may not be as effective as a traditional breast lift (mastopexy) for addressing significant sagging. Your surgeon can recommend the best approach based on your specific goals and breast condition.

    Will insurance cover scarless breast reduction surgery?

    Insurance coverage varies and often depends on medical necessity. If the procedure is considered cosmetic, it may not be covered. Check with your insurance provider and contact our office to understand your coverage options.