Individual breast procedures accomplish different effects. Read on to find out more about what to expect.

Breast Augmentation

This surgery increases the volume of one or both breasts to help patients get a larger chest, achieve greater symmetry, correct unwanted results from a prior surgery, and other benefits. Techniques may involve implants or fat transfer. Learn more.

Breast Lifts

This breast procedure focuses on sagging breasts to make them perkier. There are several techniques that may be used, and the surgery can also involve resizing or reshaping the nipples. Learn more.

Tuberous Breast Repair

Breasts that are particularly narrow and far apart could benefit from this surgery, which can involve any number of specific techniques. Learn more.

Benelli Breast Lifts

These lifts do not technically “raise” the breasts, but were designed specifically to address mild to moderate skin looseness and a deflated look. Learn more.

Gynecomastia Surgery

Men who develop breasts can achieve a flatter, more masculine-looking chest with this surgery. Learn more.

More Breast Procedures

Other breast procedures available from Drs. Yamini and Svehlak include implant downsizingimplant revisionnipple revisionscarless reduction, and more.

While these breast procedures are all surgical in nature, Sunset Cosmetic Surgery also offers nonsurgical procedures for addressing specific skin concerns, such as mole removal and skin rejuvenation. Talk to the Sunset team about treatments that can work for the breasts in addition to the face.

Beyond the Breast

Patients who choose breast procedures may also want to consider surgery for other areas, which is why Drs. Yamini and Svehlak perform body procedures and face procedures as well. Surgeries may be performed as standalone procedures, or they may be combined, as with a Mommy Makeover.

It is important for every patient to explain the ultimate look they are going for, as understanding these goals will allow the surgeons to develop a patient-specific plan that can yield individualized results.


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