From Dr. Svehlak’s Patients


Dr. Svehlak, Thank you! I wanted to let you know how absokutely happy….

– Female Patient (lip reduction, lip lift, revision rhinoplasty)*

Dear Colleen, Dr. Steven, Everyone…

The time truly slips away. And shame on me for not writing earlier… And that this note of gratitude is not on a lovely sheet of paper…Double shame…LOL. My neck is sooo fabulous. All my friends are sooo impressed. It is, just, one less thing this vain aging Diva has to worry about when I look in the mirror in the morning.

Bless your art, your kindness, your care. Working on a new play. Last one before leaving for Europe.
I am scheduled for a follow up visit soon. I’ll top my lovely new neck with a little bow.

I feel great…Life is good…

– Female Patient (neck lift)*


Dear Dr. Svehlak, Veronica and staff, Thank you guys for everything and happy Holidays 2015!

– Female Patient (lip enhancement)*


Dr. Svehlak exceeded my expectations for my plastic surgery. He and his staff continue to offer me personalized care of which I am eternally grateful.

– A.T., Female, 20’s, liposuction*


Just wanted to tell you and Dr. Svehlak that today is the first day in 3 years that I have been able to wear a pair of jeans without a long sweater. I no longer am a self conscious mess.  Thank you!  Thank You!  Thank You!

– E.M.*


Dear Dr. Svehlak. A few latitudes of gratitude for all you've done!

– J.K.*

Letters: Dear Dr. Svehlak. 2-3-15

– R.M. (facelift)*


Dear Dr. Svehlak. 10-11-14 (Letters: 4)
– Husband and Wife (long-time injectable patients)*


Dear Dr. Svehlak. I really wanted to thank you…. (Letters: 5)
– Female Patient (breast augmentation)*


Dear Dr. Svehlak. Thank you for keeping me in safe hands…. (Letters: 6)
– Female Patient (scar revision)*


Dear Dr. Svehlak. I just want to thank you so much for the wonderful job….(Letters: 7)
– Patient, breast and fat grafting*


I wanted to send this email as a “Thank you” for how extremely generous you have been with your time and how much you’ve put into explaining every single detail of the subjects discussed. This high level of thoroughness gives me great peace of mind! Very much appreciated!

– W.K., Male, face procedures*


Dr. Svehlak did my liposuction in August and I couldn’t be happier with my results! I wanted to find a doctor who listened to what I wanted and made me feel very comfortable. He was attentive, professional and kind. I’m so pleased with my new flat tummy! THANK YOU!

– C.O., Female, 30s, liposuction*


I can’t say ENOUGH great things about Dr. Svehlak or my experience! I was a little nervous about having surgery since I have MS. Dr. Svehlak made me feel so comfortable with his amazing bedside manner, personality and work. I’ve dealt with so many doctors over the years (literally hundreds) because of my MS and Dr. Svehlak and his staff are A1. They are literally perfectionists (which is a good thing as far as plastic surgeons go!). I’ve already recommended them to 3 people. My results are spectacular and coming across the country was well worth it. My husband is amazed. I’m so thrilled with the results and the process did not involve a lot of pain or down time at all. In fact, my tiny little incisions under each arm are going to be indetectable in a month or so (it’s been only 3 weeks and it’s all healing beautifully). Also, the staff is GREAT– always professional, attentive and helpful. The anesthesiologist and Riley were amazing too and always knew exactly what to do. 

– D.S., Female, early 40s, breast implants and chin lipo*


After having several consultations with other Doctors in Beverly Hills and not feeling comfortable with any of them, I met Dr. Steven Svehlak. I knew within minutes that he was the Doctor that I wanted to perform my surgery.

Dr. Svehlak’s amazing talent has played a significant role in the positive transformations that I have been striving for this past year. After losing 60lbs., and feeling healthier and more vibrant than ever, there was still that “something” missing that would help me feel attractive and sexy. After having breast augmentation, I have extreme pride in how I look and feel.

Dr. Svehlak assured me that the surgery would be easy and that I should have no problems with my recovery. I must admit I was a bit skeptical, but a day and a half after surgery, I was back at work and feeling great. Thank you Dr. Svehlak and the entire office staff, for this pleasant and positive experience!

– Female, breast augmentation*


Thank you guys so much for making my surgery a comfortable experience, and of course to Dr. Svehlak for being the most talented, wonderful, BEST surgeon ever. Honestly, I can’t begin to explain what he has done for my self esteem!!! See you soon.

– Female, facial fat grafting*


I wanted to send you a letter about how wonderful I think Dr. Svehlak is! The whole office treated me with such kindness and support throughout my entire surgery. Dr. Steve walked me through the process from beginning to end and I honestly had no surprises about the procedure or the recovery process… Thank you so much for your support and caring before, during and after my surgery. I look and feel great!!

Thanks for everything,

– Beth (female lipo patient)*


As a lawyer and psychologist having lived around the world, I have had professional associations, consultations and treatments with doctors considered “legends” in the field of plastic surgery. After receiving several procedures under the care and skill of Dr. Steven Svehlak, I can say without hesitation, he is a “legend in his own time”. His professional talents and personal care and sincere charm are unsurpassed. Further, his talents are supported by a team of equally esteemed and clearly personally dedicated plastic surgeons, personally attentive anesthesiologists and nurses, and a delightfully competent, efficient and caring office staff. From my significant personal and professional perspective and experience, Dr. Svehlak and the Dr. Svehlak “package” are the best in the world. I look forward to our continued relationship.

– Female Patient*


Dr. Steve,

Just in case I have not expressed my feelings of gratitude enough to you……let me reiterate them to you….  I am so very grateful for what you have done for me.  I think you are a very sweet, caring, gentle doctor — you made my experience very comfortable and were always so calm which really helped me a lot!!!!  I love your confidence.  Your work speaks for itself!!  Thank you again.  Stay well. 

– Female Patient (Upper and lower blepharoplasty, fat grafting to the cheek and tear trough area)*


Dr. Svehlak,

Thank you for keeping me in safe hands. I’m healing well as you can see aside from slight bruising and swelling. It’s still very early but I feel good about the outcome. You are the best. In addition to being a remarkable surgeon, you have a great attitude and playful spirit in which I relate to. You keep me in a relaxed state of mind. You are a precious gift of life.

– L.L., Female Patient, 34, abdominoplasty & scar revision*


Dear Dr. Svehlak. I can't even begin to thank you enough….(Letters: 8)
– S.M., Female Patient, 28, dual plane breast augmentation*


Dear Dr. Svehlak. April 23,2007….(Letters: 9)
– S.S. Female Patient, Revisional Surgery*


Dr. Steve & Dr. Dan-

I am so grateful to you both for the beautiful work that you did on me. I am 4 wks post now and feeling great; very little swelling and sensitivity left. I am waiting to get the “green light” to come back to work and hoping that it will be very soon.

In the mean time, I am enjoying showing my new and improved body to other woman who are all very impressed with how incredible your work is and are also ready to do the same (I’ll be handing out your cards for years to come).

Please call on me anytime should you need me for photos, “show & tell”, etc. I am available to you both for any kind of support that I can offer.

Again, thank you, thank you, thank you!
With much love & gratitude,

*Patient results may vary.