Dr. Svehlak’s Surgical Philosophy

Every year, thousands of people who want to feel and look their best seek the professional advice of a plastic surgeon. It may be to gain a competitive edge in the job market and advance their career. It may be to reduce the signs of aging and look more vibrant and youthful. It may be emotional to improve self-image and confidence.

The relationship you build with your surgeon begins with a consultation. During your consultation, I consider several factors most important:

1) I strive to create a comfortable non-pressured atmosphere in order to build a trusting doctor-patient relationship. This allows open communication of the patient’s needs and concerns.

2) I believe each Beverly Hills and Los Angeles plastic surgery patient deserves a thorough discussion and thoughtful considerations of the results sought. The consultation is never “rushed” and every question is extremely important.

3) I make every effort to give each patient an accurate, realistic idea of what they can expect after surgery. When deciding on a treatment, more is not necessarily better. The end result should give the patient the desired effect with a very natural look that is not “over done”. It should produce minimal discomfort and pain with minimal bruising and swelling, allow quick recovery, and leave minimal scars. I strive to have my patients enjoying regular activities and feeling good about them self soon after surgery.

4) Finally, I adhere to the highest standards of safety and strive to avoid any complications. Many of my patients have fast-paced careers and others are constantly in the public eye. The common factor between all my patients is that they seek confidentiality and the ability to return to their lives immediately. Because of this, my cosmetic surgery Beverly Hills and Los Angeles practice recognizes the balance between surgery and real life.

~Steven Svehlak MD FACS