Botox for Headaches

Botox, the revolutionary injectable treatment used to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, was approved for the treatment of chronic migraine headaches in 2010. Since then, thousands of people have found Botox to be effective at reducing the intensity and frequency of migraines they experience each month.

While there hasn’t been enough formal research available regarding BOTOX’s effect on non-migraine headaches, a number of patients at Sunset who use BOTOX for it’s wrinkle-busting benefits also report getting fewer headaches overall.

Botox injections are performed quickly and safely at Sunset Cosmetic Surgery. The injection locations and number of units used is determined after an analysis of each patient’s facial structure and how strong their musles are in each area.

To maintain the maximum benefits of treatment, patients are encouraged repeat treatment every 3-4 months.
Side effects of this treatment are mild and infrequent. Patients occasionally experience some bruising, discomfort, or stiffness. For more information regarding the risks and side effects, use the links below to download additional information.

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