What’s Right for You? Brazilian Butt lift vs. Butt Implants

Many people wish they could have a rounder, shapelier derriere. If you are considering a cosmetic procedure to even out the shape and proportion of your body, there are a couple of options available, namely buttock implants, or the Brazilian Butt Lift. It can be challenging to decide which is best, but if you’re looking to enhance the volume of your backside and make sure it looks and feels completely natural, the Brazilian Butt Lift is the procedure for you. Buttock implants, also called gluteoplasty, are one way to achieve a fuller backside. This is a treatment used by women who have lost the natural fullness and curve of their backsides.  However, one of the largest drawbacks to this option is that it is done through silicone implants being inserted into the backside. The implants do not feel natural and can be uncomfortable, even painful and prone to infection. The Brazilian Butt Lift is an implant-free alternative for those who want buttocks that look and feel smooth and natural. The Brazilian Butt Lift uses your own body fat and is the perfect choice for women with flat buttocks or those who have developed some sagging due to age or weight loss. The patient’s body fat is extracted and then spun down to then be injected into the buttocks to “raise” their appearance and created smooth, beautiful contours. When you compare the use of natural fat deposits in the derrière to hard silicone implants that are prone to infection, the choice is clear. The Brazilian Butt Lift is a great way to create the curves you desire, with minimal downtime and a return to your lifestyle in a matter of weeks.

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