The Sunset Difference: C-Section Scar Revision

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*Patient results may vary.

Caesarean sections, or C-sections, are quite common when delivering babies. Though obstetricians are trained to perform C-sections as low on the belly as possible, sometimes the urgency of a situation can create unfortunate scarring. C-section scars can run either across the width of the belly or vertical, through a woman’s navel. They vary from thin, squiggly white lines to thick, raised scars that can be painful to the touch.

Our meticulous surgeons are highly experienced in scar revision and take great pleasure in helping women find treatment for these minor imperfections.

Reasons for a C-Section Scar Removal

Treating a scar from a C-section can be a very satisfying process. Most women who choose to remove their scar from a C-section do so because:

  • The scar causes self consciousness.
  • The scar is visible through clothing, or while wearing swimwear.
  • The scar is depressed or deformed and causing extra skin to hang over the scar.
  • They have red, raised, or painful scars (also known as keloids) that need to be removed or revised.


*Patient results may vary.

How is a Revision for C-Section Scarring Performed?

Many women undergo the C-section scar removal procedure as part of a mommy makeover treatment. Usually a tummy tuck (or mini tummy tuck) is performed on horizontal C-section scars to remove excess skin and pull it tight. In cases of a vertical depressed scar running from the belly button down, the scar is often removed, and then liposuction may be performed to flatten the tummy and remove fat from surrounding skin.

How Long to Wait After Pregnancy for Revising a C-Section Scar

It is highly recommended to wait at least six months to a year after you have finished breastfeeding. C-section scar removal is a relatively safe procedure when performed on patients in good health. For best results, patients should be close to their ideal weight and not smoke.

Typical Recovery Time

Depending upon the nature of each case, this procedure can require up to two weeks for recovery. When scar removal also includes procedures involved in a mommy makeover or tummy tuck, the recovery period will most likely take longer. When a simple removal of the scar is performed, recovery takes less time—maybe a week or 10 days. Patients will begin to see improvement immediately after surgery. Any redness associated with scarring will continue to heal and fade, with final results appearing anywhere from six weeks up to three months.

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If the appearance of a C-section scar causes you to feel self-conscious, West Hollywood C-section scar removal specialists Dr. Daniel Yamini and Dr. Steven Svehlak can certainly help. Both double-board certified plastic surgeons emphasize patient safety, satisfaction, and comfort and will discuss the procedure and recovery process with you when you schedule an informative consultation.



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