To reshape several areas throughout your upper or lower body, liposuction is often the best method because larger, multiple areas can be aggressively sculpted using general anesthesia and a surgery center setting. For those seeking smaller refinements, MINI SCULPT is a fantastic alternative. This minimally-invasive procedure effectively target small pockets of localized fat, and is done in an outpatient setting at our office using local anesthetic.


MINI SCULPT effectively targets small pockets of localized fat using micro-targeted liposuction for smooth results, and less post-operative swelling and recovery time. MINI SCULPT is a minimally-invasive procedure done in an outpatient setting using local anesthetic.

The procedure begins with the doctor carefully marking the pockets of fat that will be targeted. After the marking, the patient is made comfortable on a padded table or reclining chair, and the procedure begins. First, the skin and fat is numbed with a saline based lidocaine solution, called tumescence. After the tissue has been numbed, the solution and the unwanted fat are safely removed using a small wand-type tool called a canula. The canula is inserted using a very tiny incision (approximately the width of an eraser, or less). Generally, the process is not painful, although some patients experience some mild discomfort.

What areas is MINI SCULPT best suited for?


MINI SCULPT works best for small, targeted areas of fat. If there is too much fat or too many areas to cover in the office, liposuction may be recommended to obtain the best results. The most popular areas for MINI SCULPT are:

  • Double chin/neck
  • Love handles
  • Lower or upper abdomen
  • Inner or outer thighs
  • Upper arms
  • Upper or lower hips
  • Calves

What is the difference between MINI SCULPT and traditional liposuction?

Anesthesia Local anesthetic is used to numb the skin and tissue. General anesthesia is used in a surgical setting and done by an experienced anesthesiologist.
Location Done in outpatient setting (office). Surgery center
Recovery Depends on number of areas treated. Can be as little as one day, up to a week. Depends on areas treated, but typically 3-4 days, up to a week of rest and recovery.
Compression Garment Depends on number of areas treated, but typically worn for up to a week, if at all. Worn for several weeks.
Cost Lower than liposuction since general anesthesia and surgery center is not used. Ranges by case, but typically ranges anywhere from $5,000 – $10,000+.

Can I get MINI SCULPT elsewhere?

Dermatologists, gynecologists and other types of doctors can offer procedures similar to MINI SCULPT with as little certification as a weekend training course. At Sunset, our commitment to you is safety and quality, and you can rest assured that one of our two double Board certified surgeons will be doing your procedure. Dr. Svehlak and Dr. Yamini use their years of skills and experience to give you beautiful results, safely and comfortably.

How much does MINI SCULPT cost?

Please call for pricing for MINI SCULPT, as it varies by number of areas and volume of fat removed. 310-858-9100.

What can I expect after having MINI SCULPT?

Once your procedure is finished, the doctor and his staff will apply a compression garment, if needed. This keeps the swelling of the area to a minimum. While some patients do drive themselves home, we recommend having a driver, especially if you are getting more than one area treated so that you don’t have to wait for the medication to wear off and can be comfortable and relaxed. For MINI SCULPT, the compression garment only needs to be worn for a week or so (sometimes less). You will experience some swelling as the body heals, however, the majority of the swelling subsides in the first few weeks. Those with non-strenuous jobs can return to work the day after the procedure, or a day or two if multiple areas were treated.

While a follow-up visit is not required, the doctors usually like to see you sometime in the week after your procedure to make sure everything is healing nicely.

Can I have SlimLipo with MINI SCULPT?

Yes, if you wish to have SlimLipo laser-assisted liposuction on an outpatient basis and your case meets the qualifications, you can have SlimLipo, which may help reduce the time you experience bruising and swelling after the procedures and can also have skin-tightening benefits for those with lax skin or skin irregularities form previous unsatisfactory liposuction.


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