What is SlimLipo?

SlimLipo is laser-assisted liposuction that “melts” unwanted fat efficiently and effectively before it is removed by selectively targeting adipose tissue. Further, it uses optimized wavelengths and a unique tip design to provide smooth, beautiful results with significantly less downtime versus other methods. SlimLipo can have skin tightening effects for patients with sagging skin. Further, patients who have had previous liposuction with resulting skin irregularities may be good candidates for SlimLipo’s skin smoothing benefits due to the targeted “melting” of fat. * Skin tightening through laser-assisted lipolysis * Smoother skin with less contour deformities * Faster healing with less bruising and swelling * Less downtime for patients who need to return to work or other activities almost immediately.

Can SlimLipo be done under local anesthesia or general anesthesia? Treatment with SlimLipo requires anesthesia, but may be done using local anesthesia only, depending on the area(s) to be treated and your needs. With local anesthesia, the patient remains awake during the procedure and often may return to work and resume other daily activities the same day. Larger or multiple areas sometimes require the use general anesthesia for optimal results.

How effective is SlimLipo for contour deformities from previous liposuction?

SlimLipo can be used to improve contour deformities from previous liposuction. It is extremely effective in treating these very fibrous patients due to selective “melting” of fat. Patients will notice enhanced skin retraction and skin smoothing. In addition, SlimLipo’s unique treatment tip design glides through skin easily to better target these fibrous tissues.

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