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These days, it just takes a quick search on the Internet to easily find unsightly images exhibiting the results of a poorly performed plastic surgery. While many consider it a necessity a plastic surgeon to execute the right combination of art and science, many patients can unfortunately end up with unsatisfying results if they experience poor healing, or work with a surgeon who does not have the skill set, appropriate qualifications, and/or relevant plethora of experience to perform particular procedures. Fortunately, a body revision surgery by our Los Angeles-based plastic surgeons can correct and improve the results of a prior or primary surgical procedure, and give you a second chance to get the effects you were looking for the first time around.

It takes a skilled, highly experienced surgeon to perform revision plastic surgery. It is the ultimate goal of revisional surgery to create natural, normal-looking results with a happy, satisfied patient. It is also important to note that both surgical techniques and technology have advanced by leaps and bounds over the years, and what was once cutting edge 15 years ago may now be considered relatively outdated or unsophisticated, or lack the finesse of today’s methods. A body revision surgery can further improve on the results of a previous procedure to give you the best possible results that can be achieved with the latest advances.

To schedule a consultation for revisional surgery, contact our practice or by phone at (310) 858-9100.

Drs. Steven Svehlak and Daniel Yamini of Sunset Cosmetic Surgery are both double board-certified in general surgery and plastic surgery. Specializing in plastic surgery of the face, breast, and body, they have both performed many cases of body revision surgery on patients who had their original procedures performed elsewhere. Using a variety of body revision surgery techniques, both cutting edge as well as tried and true, both doctors pull from years of experience when achieving the results patients were aiming to achieve from their primary surgeries.

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We regularly correct poor results from previous surgeries.
Scar Revision

If you're self-conscious about scars from poor incision techniques, inadequate healing, skin conditions, or accidents, let's make them as inconspicuous as possible.

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Breast Implant Revision for Los Angeles

Replace poorly placed, old, or faulty breast implants, or correct complications such as capsular contracture and implant or nipple asymmetry.

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Liposuction Revision in Los Angeles

Our micro fat grafting and liposculpture can correct overly aggressive liposuction results, such as too much fat being removed or the presence of uneven bumps.

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Dr. Svehlak, in fact, was featured twice in Us Weekly, as the body revision surgery specialist of choice to actress Tara Reid, who experienced flawed results from previous surgery for liposuction and breast augmentation.

Some of the body revision surgery procedures Sunset Cosmetic surgeons specialize in include:

  • Breast implant and nipple revision: Correct breast implant surgical complications such as capsular contracture due to hardened scar tissue, asymmetry in the implants or nipples, poor placement of implants, and/or faulty implants.
  • Liposuction revision: Poor results from a primary lipo procedure are more likely to be due to a lack of skill and experience on the part of a surgeon, than as a product of what method was used. Our surgeons utilize micro fat grafting to repair pockets where too much fat was suctioned out during the first procedure, and micro liposculpture to carefully even out uneven or bumpy area.
  • Scar revision: Whether scars are formed by surgical errors or emergency procedures, or even due to accidents, Drs. Svehlak and Yamini can improve their appearance using a variety of surgical and non-surgical techniques.

Review our comprehensive set of before-and-after galleries of breast revision, scar revision, C-section scar revision, and liposuction revision patient cases to see a subpar result transformed into one that is much more aesthetically improved.

Drs. Svehlak and Yamini would be happy to give anyone advice about a body revision surgery. Contact their Los Angeles practice or by phone at (310) 858-9100 to request a consultation.


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