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How Fat Transfer Works to Augment Breasts

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Unlike an old fashioned breast lift or augmentation, breast fat grafting uses fat taken by liposuction from other areas of your body to augment the breast. This fat is removed using gentle liposuction, and is then processed to remove excess fluids and retain only the quality fat particles that can be transplanted into the breast. For breast fat grafting at Los Angeles’ Sunset Cosmetic Surgery, we use the Revolve system, which is the latest generation of a fat collection and processing system designed for fat transplanting.

The doctors then use specialized cannulas to inject the fat into the breasts via a few small micro-incisions that are virtually invisible once healed. Both of these procedures are performed in the same day, taking approximately three to four hours total. In some cases, the BRAVA® Protocol is used by patients prior to breast fat grafting. BRAVA® is a soft, gel-like bra that externally expands breast tissue. Consisting of two semi-rigid domes with silicone- gel rims, a SmartBox, and a sports bra that helps keep the device in place. BRAVA® is worn for a few weeks, 10 to 12 hours a day, to help expand the breast tissue and create a recipient lattice for the fat graft prior to the grafting procedure.

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About Breast Fat Grafting: Natural Breast Augmentation without Implants

  • The ideal breast fat grafting candidate is a woman who wants a subtle increase in size and absolutely does not want a breast implant.
  • You must have adequate fat in other areas of the body to be harvested and transferred to the breast.
  • You must be able to maintain adequate body fat percentage.
  • You must have relatively tight or elastic skin tone of the breast.
  • You are interested in a relatively small increase in size (roughly half a cup size) or in gaining fullness only in selected areas of the breast.

Benefits of Breast Fat Grafting

  • Unlike silicone or saline implants, the fat is a completely natural substance coming from your own body. Nothing foreign or artificial is added.
  • Harvesting of the fat using liposuction can help re-contour or enhance your shape.
  • The breast can be sculpted and shaped in more unique ways to only enhance the areas desired rather than the entire breast.
  • The minimal incisions reduce the chance of scarring and quicken recovery time.
  • Avoid risks associated with implants (rupture, leaks, shifting) and avoid having to perform MRIs to check for any leaks in a silicone implant.
  • Breast fat grafting can provide a subtle augmentation rather than going up several sizes.
  • This procedure can sometimes be done under a local anesthesia in the office, giving patients the opportunity to avoid the affects of general anesthesia. This will be determined by your doctor.

Typical Recovery Time After Breast Fat Grafting

Recovery time after breast fat grafting can vary depending on how many areas are used for fat donor sites. Like typical liposuction, these areas may be swollen, bruised, and uncomfortable for several days. Your breasts will experience some swelling and bruising, but little pain. Most patients return to work in a few days (for small cases) or in about two weeks (if more extensive liposuction is performed). You may begin your regular exercise routine in 10 to 14 days or as soon as your body has healed from the liposuction. Bruising and swelling can last up to three weeks, but all swelling should be gone in four to six months.

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