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The Sunset Difference: Scarless Breast Reduction

Am I a Candidate for This Los Angeles Reduction Technique?

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*Patient results may vary.

  • The best candidates for scarless reduction for breasts in Los Angeles are women who:
  • Have good skin tone and minimal sagging
  • Would like to have lighter, smaller, more youthful-looking breasts without scars or prolonged recovery.
  • Are more interested in a reduction in the size of their breasts as opposed to wanting to reshape and/or lift their breasts.
  • Have breasts that contain a large proportion of fat. If your breasts have more glandular tissue than fat, a traditional mammoplasty may be more appropriate.
  • Do not have pendulous breasts (this usually indicates more glandular tissue than fat).
  • Are not thin (thin women tend to have more glandular tissue than fat).
  • Do not have excessively large breasts (scarless reduction normally provides a 30-50% reduction in size, or 1-2 cups)

How it Works

Scarless reduction for breasts in Los Angeles reduces the breasts by removing excess fat. If there is enough elasticity in the skin, it will retract and produce a visible breast lift, resulting in a scarless breast reduction. This procedure will produce a smaller version of the breasts a woman had before the procedure. The breasts’ overall shape will be very similar to their shape before the scarless reduction procedure.

Benefits of Scarless Reduction:

  • Less trauma to the breast (mammograms usually appear normal after the reduction procedure)
  • Reduction in shoulder and neck pain
  • Faster recovery than traditional reductions (and no drains)
  • Less visible scars than traditional reductions with our scarless reduction
  • Fewer postoperative complications than traditional reductions
  • Natural-looking, immediate results that improve with time.
  • Since the fatty tissue is removed with the scarless reduction procedure and the glandular breast tissue remains intact, breastfeeding is normally not affected.

Typical Recovery Time after a Scarless Reduction of the Breast

After a scarless reduction, there is a gradual decrease in postoperative swelling over the subsequent two to four months. There may be temporary lumpiness for several weeks after surgery. This is not visible and is part of the healing processes. A supportive garment is worn for several weeks and is not visible under clothing. Many patients report going back to work in a matter of days after our scarless reduction procedure.

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