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This procedure reshapes the chin with an implant placed through a small incision inside the mouth, leaving no external scars on the face (only slight scarring inside the mouth where the incision was made). A chin implant can be done on its own, or is sometimes recommended to rhinoplasty patients to help achieve balanced facial proportion. Frequently, submental liposculpting (liposuction) is performed to further enhance and refine the jaw and neck line. In both men and women, a chin implant can correct a weak chin, improve jowls, balance out a face and improve mouth posture. In men, a chin implant can give a more masculine jaw line. In women, a more elegant neck and jaw is usually the goal. Different sizes of chin implants are used to achieve just the right adjustment on each patient.

Typical Recovery Time

Stitches inside the mouth are usually removed at the one-week point. Patients should rest in bed for the first day or two after a Los Angeles chin implant procedure. In most cases our Los Angeles chin implant patients are back at work in a week– sometimes less. It is important to avoid strenuous activities during healing. Regular exercise can be resumed in about two weeks. Los Angeles chin implant patients should avoid contact sports or any activity that may result in a blow to the face. For most chin implants patients, swelling and bruising subsides over a period of several days.

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