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The Sunset Difference: Lip Lifts and Reductions

About Lip Lifts

A lip lift is most commonly used to reduce the space between the upper lip and the nose, but can sometimes also correct lip asymmetry or simply create a more youthful upper lip contour. The procedure is also used to reshape the lips to make the vermilion border (the normally sharp-looking border between the lip and the regular skin next to it) appear more prominent.

The facial area between the lips and nose can be enhanced or improved with a lip lift by our Los Angeles-­area plastic surgeons.

Incisions are usually well-­hidden below the nostrils. Results are permanent and this procedure can be done under local anesthesia only, depending on the nature of the case.

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Types of Lip Lift Procedures

Some of the oft-used lip lift techniques include:

  • Direct Lip Lift (DLL) or gull-wing lift: In this method, skin and other tissues are removed directly from or above the vermilion border. This can significantly alter the shape of the lips by moving up both the vermilion (the pigmented skin of the lips) from each peak of the Cupid’s bow, as well as the outer corners of the lips.
  • Indirect Lip Lift (IDL): This involves removing tissue from underneath the nose to raise the skin, then sutured to lift the upper lip and expose more of its vermilion.
  • Corner of the Mouth Lift (CML): This technique entails the excision of the white skin surrounding the upper oral commissure (or upper corners of the mouth) to provide a lift to this area, that is often called a “smile lift.”

Typical Recovery Time After a Lip Lift

Depending on the case and how much skin was removed, plan for your recovery to take between one to two weeks. Most patients are able to go back to work in about a week and can resume moderate physical activity after several weeks to their comfort level. Final results occur in about six months after the scars have matured.

About Lip Reductions

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*Patient results may vary.

Reducing the lips involves removing excess lip tissue to reduce the size of the upper and/or lower lips. In many instances where patients requested us to perform this procedure, the larger lips are the result of previously placed permanent lip enhancers, such as injectable silicone, hydrogel, lip implants, fat, etc. These lip reductions tend to require more meticulous and lengthy surgeries because of the resulting scar tissue from the foreign material within the lip.

Typical Recovery Time After a Lip Reduction

Depending on the individual patient’s case, their body’s rate of healing, and how much skin was removed, we recommend that our patients plan for mild to moderate pain for a few days after the procedure. Swelling and bruising can last several weeks, but most patients are back to work in about a week and can resume moderate physical activity after several weeks to their comfort level. Results are not considered final for several months.

More Options

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