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*Patient results may vary.

A neck lift at Los Angeles area’s Sunset Cosmetic Surgery can address problems with the fat, muscle, and skin of the neck and jaw line. Sagging skin, fleshy neck, “jowls,” neck “banding,” or “turkey wattle” are all common complaints that can be addressed with this surgery, also known as platysmaplasty. Neck lifts are done through a small incision under the chin and are often incorporated as part of a lower face lift. The neck muscles are treated, stitched, and tightened to lift the “muscle hammock” and create a more refined jaw/neck contour. Occasionally, this lift can be done under local anesthesia.

If the problem is limited to excess fat, a minor neck liposuction procedure can be used to remove the pocket of fat. Often, a liposuction-only procedure for under the chin can be done on an outpatient basis with local anesthetic in the office. The laser neck lift delivers energy that can help “melt” some of the more stubborn fat and help stimulate collagen production.

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Why Choose Sunset for a Neck Lift?

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Since the cosmetic problems associated with the neck may be due to excess fat, skin, or a combination of the two, patients are best served by choosing a surgeon who can accurately identify the issue and propose and carry out the best solution. Dr. Steve Svehlak and Dr. Dan Yamini are both experienced and trained plastic surgeons who work closely with their patients to understand their situation, as well as their ultimate aesthetic goals.

Neck Lift Explained

Younger tissue tends to be tight and smooth, supported by structure-providing collagen and healthy, well-distributed fat. Over time, collagen breaks down and fat changes positions on the face. Fat cells can also collect in pockets that create bulges resistant to even consistent diet and exercise. Coupled with muscles that grow lax as we age, these conditions can collectively create a neck that looks baggy and full.

The incisions necessary for a neck lift are typically around the ear and under the chin, giving the surgeon access to the underlying tissues so he can tighten the muscles there and remove excess fat and skin as necessary. Once the area is re-contoured, the skin is re-draped so it sits tighter over the sleeker contours, while avoiding the too-tight look associated with some doctors’ plastic surgery techniques.

Neck liposuction involves just the removal of fat, and is generally recommended for patients whose skin is still supple and flexible, able to closely conform to a slimmer profile.

*Patient results may vary.

Neck Lift and Liposuction Recovery Times

Each patient will have very different requirements for improving the appearance of the neck and, therefore, different recovery experiences and protocols. Liposuction of the neck usually requires only a few days of recuperation, whereas a neck lift involving the muscles can take up to a week or two for recovery.

Procedures to Complement a Neck Lift

A facelift is often closely associated with a neck lift, since both procedures deal with sagging skin and tissue on the lower portion of the face. Talk to Dr. Svehlak and Dr. Yamini about which surgery will best provide the desired results, or if a combination of the two would be ideal.

Kybella® is a nonsurgical solution to the problem of submental fat, which is what makes a double chin. This cosmetic is injected into the neck area to permanently destroy unwanted fat there.

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