About Laser Neck Lifts

laser neck liftAbout the Laser Neck Lift and Laser Neck Tightening

The knife-less facelift is a minimally invasive procedure that uses the latest in laser technology to smooth and contour the lower half of the face and neck. The best candidates for this procedure are individuals looking for more contour around the neck, chin, or jowls, or those who have loose skin along the lower portion of the face and on the neck.

The procedure is performed right in our office by Dr. Svehlak, and patients are awake and alert during the procedure, which is often completed in less than 60 minutes. First, numbing medication is injected under the skin. Next, Dr. Svehlak places a very thin laser under the skin in several places. The laser melts fat, stimulates collagen production, and helps tighten the tissues.

Laser Neck Lift Results

Tightening and smoothing of the skin is visible almost immediately after the procedure. However, the skin continues to tighten for several months following the procedure. Full results are achieved anywhere from four to six months post-procedure.

Laser Neck Lift Recovery

The skin on the face and neck is not cut, thus sutures are not needed and recovery is very quick. Patients can typically drive themselves home from their appointment and are back to their normal routines almost immediately. A head wrap must be worn for three to five days following the procedure to aid in recovery.

Laser Neck Lift Technology: Video

This video gives background about the technology Dr. Svehlak uses for the laser neck lift.

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