Dr. Yamini’s Surgical Philosophy

There are three cornerstones to my practice which I am proud of, and constantly try to nurture: patient satisfaction, comfort, and above all, safety.

Patient Satisfaction

Because my practice focuses on cosmetic quality rather than quantity; I have the luxury to spend a great deal of time with each patient, developing a relationship of trust and respect. I like to listen carefully to my patient’s goals, desires, and expectations with cosmetic surgery. This allows me to fully educate my patients about their best options, and to come up with a mutual plan to achieve our objectives.

– My surgical and artistic approach is to achieve the most natural, rejuvenating, and aesthetically pleasing results without “changing” the essence of who you are.

– I will consider my goal accomplished only when my patients are totally satisfied with their results.

Patient Comfort

– Along with my colleagues, we have designed unique surgical and anesthesia techniques not just for optimal beauty and natural results, but also to cause the least patient discomfort. These techniques and approaches will all be discussed at the time of our consultation.

– We have been blessed with one of the friendliest, most supportive, and most attentive staff, both in the office and the operating room.

– Our personnel have tremendous professionalism and experience with cosmetic surgery and they are always available to answer your questions.

– I follow my patients very closely and frequently to ensure optimal healing and recovery; so you are always welcomed in our office. I also make myself available virtually 24/7 to address any of my patient concerns. If I am not in town, my partner Dr. Svehlak will attend very carefully to all my patients.

Patient Safety

– I have completed over eight years of surgical, plastic, and advanced cosmetic training and have performed over 5,000 procedures. Throughout this period I have always paid attention to every detail and have never compromised the safety of any of my patients.

– I am constantly optimizing our own techniques as well as incorporating new innovations that are beneficial to our patients.

– Our office and operating center follows a very strict and comprehensive federal guideline for safety and has always been accredited by the appropriate authorities.

– I use only a select few anesthesiologists whom I trust, each of whom is very experienced and has taken care of thousands of cosmetic patients.

For all these reasons, I am confident you will have a very positive experience with our office.

Daniel Yamini, MD, FACS, FAACS