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Ear Surgery (Otoplasty) Photos: Case 9 - before
After 6 Weeks
Ear Surgery (Otoplasty) Photos: Case 9 - After 6 Weeks

This is a 44 y.o. female who had previously had a few ear pinning procedures (Otoplasty) by another surgeon with unsatisfactory results.  She wanted her upper ears to be placed more inward.  She said they look like “Mr. Spock”.  She was evaluated by Dr. Svehlak.

Dr. Svehlak performed bilateral secondary otoplasty, local anethesia, to specifically correct the prominent upper ears.  While on the procedure table, she was given a mirror to guide Dr. Svehlak in the positioning of the ears.  Stitches were placed and tied, while the patient viewed this in real time.  Dr. Svehlak tied the sutures at the exact position desired by the patient.  The patient was very happy with the results.

Ear Surgery (Otoplasty) Photos: Case 9

Female , 44

Procedure: Bilateral Secondary Ear Surgery (Otoplasty)
Surgeon: Dr. Svehlak


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