Woman's body, before brazilian butt lift treatment, front view, patient 2
Woman's body, after brazilian butt lift treatment, front view, patient 2

Patient is a 38 years old female who has stayed relatively fit. However, she has some extra fullness from fat on her abdominal wall, lower back, and flanks. She wants to look leaner and also would like a fuller more natural shaped booty.

Dr. Svehlak performed liposuction and contouring on her abdominal wall, flanks, and lower back. This fat was harvested and prepared. It was then carefully injected into the buttocks. She now has a more sexy curvy body with a natural looking and fuller buttocks. About 150cc of fat was carefully placed into each buttock.

This was all done in office under a local anesthesia!

Photos are before and 5 months post op.

Liposuction Photos: Case 21

Female , 38

Procedure: Full Body Liposuction and Lipocontouring
Surgeon: Dr. Svehlak