Tissu Glu Surgical Adhesive

Who knew that four words could be so important and so impactful when undergoing a super invasive cosmetic surgery such as a Tummy Tuck?

For those that may not know, the benefits of a Tummy Tuck (or Abdominoplasty as it will be referred to by your Doc) are so great that it is truly worth going under the knife. Even more important? Your recovery. It is essential to have a clear uderstanding of exactly what your surgeon and your body will be going through during and after your procedure.

Am I a candidate for a Tummy Tuck?

There are several factors that determine a patient’s candidacy for a Tummy Tuck. The most common is that you have had your children and are done and ready to get your “snap-back” game all the way on. Another is weight loss. Extreme weight gain and loss can have dramatic effects on our tissues, muscles and fat. Another is corrective surgery. It is possible to have had poor plastic surgery; liposuction, abdominoplasty etc in the past and to correct it by either a full or mini Tummy Tuck.

Why do a Tummy Tuck?

The muscles in our abdomen can separate due to a number of reasons. When this happens it creates an area where fat and tissues in the center/lower center of the abdomen actually hang forward. This creates a very obvious and unsightly “pooch”. This pooch would otherwise be there to stay unless a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon opens up the abdominal wall, tightly sinches and sutures the muscles in the abdomen together during a Tummy Tuck and removes the excess skin, fat and scar tissue from the tummy area. This leaves a smooth, tight and most importantly flat tummy! We can remove fat, excess skin and even stretch marks using this method.

Ok, this sounds great but where does TissuGlu come into play?

TissuGlu is a urethane-based, liquid surgical adhesive which is activated upon contact with tissue fluid. TissuGlu is applied by a hand-held applicator containing the adhesive during surgery. When recovering from a Tummy Tuck in the past the patient had to sit with, empty and feel the pain of two small drains physically protruding from their incisions. This was due to excess fluid being secreted during the healing process. TissuGlu is revolutionary because it has virtually ended the need for drains post-procedure. Now, using TissuGlu surgical adhesive internally during the abdominoplasty procedure will eliminate areas that would cause a buildup of fluid upon healing in the past by binding the tissues together internally. No excess fluid means no drains and more comfort during the healing process

Is it safe?

It is 100% safe and FDA approved. TissuGlu even dissolves into compounds our body can absorb and get rid of. There is no downside.

If you’ve never seen how a Tummy Tuck is performed the video above may be alarming. However, you can see the Dr. using the special TissuGlu device working in a patterned motion across the abdominal wall and creating a bond with the patient’s tissues. Using TissuGlu during your procedure is not a luxury, it is a MUST!

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