Breast augmentation is a Los Angeles-area reality. Hollywood and other nearby Southern California cities long ago embraced the idea that women have the right to look the way they want and to get help from plastic surgeons as desired. That said, there are still a good many people in the area—and beyond—who know about the effects of implants, but not what distinguishes augmentation from a breast lift.

Both surgeries can change the shape of the breast and alter a woman’s silhouette, but there are key differences.

Breast augmentation is primarily focused on adding volume to the breasts to increase their size. A breast lift mainly aims to improve the breasts’ position on the chest, raising them higher so they no longer sag. A lift may also include repositioning the nipples so that they point slightly upward instead of toward a patient’s feet.

The surgeries themselves are very different. Augmentation adds to the breasts, typically with the insertion of an implant. It is also possible to add volume via fat transfer for a more modest increase. Fat injections can even be used to refine the results of implant-based augmentation.

A breast lift takes away from the breasts, mainly in the form of excess skin that allows the breasts to sag. By removing this stretched-out tissue, the breasts are literally pulled up to a more prominent position. A lift may also involve the removal of a small amount of fat. The goal here is to improve projection and perkiness.

Either surgery may be used to make breasts appear more symmetrical, if one breast is larger than the other or hangs lower, whether due to the effects of breastfeeding or genetics. Women who want to change both the size and position of their breasts can discuss their options with the Sunset Cosmetic Surgery team.

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