Blah blah blah, Botox.

I think it’s safe to say by now we have all heard the magical and amazing word “Botox” right? Not only is Allergan (it’s maker) investing boocoo bucks on marketing and advertising to make Botox the household name it’s become, but our friends are talking about it. Our moms and sisters, even our dads. When we think of Botox we think of frozen foreheads, and imagine wrinkles packing their proverbial bags and heading for the hills. But Doctors are mastering new and awesome techniques to utilize this fountain of youth serum to it’s maximum potential.

Ok, Botox yes, but in the neck, really?


Yes, it’s true not only must we consider our skin texture, fine lines, wrinkles and collagen loss in our faces but we must also consider our neck and chest area.  Surprisingly, one of the primary areas that blab your age right off the bat is the neck. Though inconspicuous at first, once there are obvious signs of aging, the neck can add a whopping 5-10 years onto a person’s overall appearance. Who wants that? The good news is, Botox is now an easy fix for this area. The better news is that not only does it soften those large lines on the neck, clinically known as Platysmal Bands but it also releases a pulling of the lower face by strong neck muscles! No lines AND a mini face lift? Impressive!


Hear what our patient has to say…


We sat down with one of Dr. Yamini’s long-time neck-Botox patients to see what she had to say about the treatment. She said “Dr. Yamini shared that the muscles in my neck can pull down my lower face and make my neck look saggy. It relaxes the muscles in my neck and redefines my jawline. I see a huge difference. It makes my neck and chin area look more youthful.” In case you guys were wondering she’s 45 (and a total knock out).


Ok, I’m sold…how do I know if this is right for me?


Anytime you are on the fence about a cosmetic procedure the absolute best thing to do is make a consultation appointment. At Sunset Cosmetic Surgery they are complimentary (we can’t speak for other offices). Consultations are so important because when you want real answers by educated and experienced physicians, Google just ain’t enough. When booking a consult with Dr. Yamini, he likes to take look at the patient’s face overall and decide what treatments would be best to achieve natural and beautiful results. This is also the best time to get any and all of your questions answered. Write them down, save them in your phone or just have them in mind, that’s what a consult is for!


Take a look at our patient’s before/after photos and video of her treatment receiving Botox in the neck!


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