We all know the many reasons to go through with cosmetic surgeries.

It may be that we just want to enhance our looks or be more like an image we have in our minds or have seen in movies or TV. It could also just be to feel more confident and sexier. Some feel there are just as many reasons to combat their desire for cosmetic surgery. The cost of operating room fees, anesthesia and surgeons fees could be too high. Or maybe there’s a fear of actually going under anesthesia? After all, the entire process of going to a surgery center to be put under can be scary and intimidating.

Dr. Svehlak and Dr. Yamini of Sunset Cosmetic Surgery are two West Hollywood double board certified cosmetic surgeons that have perfected a way to eliminate at least a few cosmetic surgery fears. The answer? Local Anesthetic and in-office procedures that really give the phrase “lunch time lipo” a new meaning.

The cosmetic and plastic surgery field has seen a rise lately in patients opting to receive their ideal procedures using local anesthesia in the comfort of their surgeon’s office that they have walked into many times for a touch of Botox or filler or even a simple cortisone shot.

Procedures like the coveted Brazilian Butt Lift, areola reduction, breast fat transfer, rhinoplasty and even certain facial surgeries can all be performed by injecting lidocaine (the good stuff your dentist uses to numb you up) and by administering a medication to calm nerves and anxiety. The patient is numb, very relaxed and comfortable yet still alert enough to carry on a conversation. In the video you’ll see below, Dr. Svehlak’s patient refer to the feeling as similar to getting a “deep tissue massage.”

This method of performing surgery requires no general anesthesia and no operating room fees. For this procedure Dr. Svehlak utilized a surgical nurse to assist him through the entire process. What does this mean over all? Less expensive procedures, faster and better healing due to your body not having to recover from anesthesia and even better communication and satisfaction between doctor and patient.

In the video we see below, Dr. Svehlak is performing a Brazilian Butt Lift on his patient under local anesthesia. The patient talks to us about how comfortable she is all while Dr. Svehlak is removing fat from her flanks and hips through liposuction and then adding it to the butt area.


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