Common concerns from potential liposuction patients often include questions about what happens after the fat is removed.  Will the fat come back? Will the fat magically re-appear in weird areas of the body?  Can I ever gain weight in the areas that were treated again? 

A few years ago, a study was performed at the University Of Colorado School Of Medicine by Teri L. Hernandez, Ph.D., R.N., and Robert H. Eckel, M.D., and what they found outlines what often happens after liposuction.

Liposuction Fat Will Return

There is still much to learn about the body and its relationship to fat. The University of Colorado study did in fact show that fat does eventually return to the body after liposuction. This study was the first randomized, controlled trial that took place on humans. Researchers were not at all surprised to learn that the fat comes back. Scientists have known for years that the surgical removal of fat from animals returns to other areas of its body. But what was interesting to learn was that the human brain seems to understand how much fat is in the body, and it will respond in a manner to regulate a specific weight when a fat loss occurs.

Liposuction will permanently remove some or all of the fat cells from the area in which a procedure is performed. When one gains fat back after surgery, it is possible for a bit of the fat to go into some of the remaining cells of the targeted area. However, most often the fat will be redistributed to other areas of the body and remaining non-operated sites. Study results found the most likely place for fat to redistribute was to be deep within the upper abdomen, or other areas such as the shoulders and triceps.

Why Choose Liposuction if the Fat Will Come Back?

Despite the return of fat to the body, all participants in the study were found to have retained their new cosmetic shape and were still very pleased or happy with their surgery results. At Sunset Cosmetic Surgery, our double-board certified plastic surgeons, Dr. Steven Svehlak and Dr. Daniel Yamini, have served a countless number of satisfied liposuction patients who have maintained excellent results after one-year and beyond. This may be due to setting appropriate expectations, and the doctors’ diligence in reminding potential patients that liposuction is NOT for weight loss. This study is a great reminder of this. Patients who cannot maintain a stable weight are not candidates for liposuction. Further, patients who have no “trouble” areas but overall feel they are “too big all over” or “weigh too much” are also not good candidates. Liposuction IS suited for those of a healthy weight who have certain areas of the body, usually hereditary, that hold onto a disproportionate amount of fat. For example, a woman with a nice figure who inherited her mom’s “saddlebags”. Or, a man who works out and eats reasonably well but just cannot lose his “love handles.” “Muffin top” is another trouble spot we see a lot in liposuction candidates who are in good shape but want to change their shape. Patients are prime candidates for this procedure when they are so frustrated with that certain stubborn area or two, often hereditary, that they are willing to undergo the procedure and potentially gain a little bit of fat elsewhere in the quest for a more shapely, and often more balanced physique.

Choosing Sunset Cosmetic Surgery for Your Liposuction Procedure

Using the most advanced liposuction technology, Dr. Svehlak and Dr. Yamini of Sunset Cosmetic Surgery, are well-known throughout Los Angeles for achieving smooth, natural-looking results. The combination of their professionalism and years of experience contributes to why they’re often selected by patients seeking revision liposuction from previous liposuction procedures done elsewhere.  With a practice emphasis on patient safety, comfort and satisfaction, the surgeons have been recognized as two of America’s top plastic surgeons. They listen to patients, answer their questions and together determine the safest, most effective way to achieve desired results.

For more information about liposuction, request a consultation online or call our office in West Hollywood, California at 310-858-9100. Dr. Svehlak and Dr. Yamini are committed to providing first-class services and natural-looking results for every procedure they perform, including liposuction.

For more information regarding the University of Colorado study, results were published in, “Obesity: A Research Journal.”

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