Necks don’t lie! Aging, weight loss or genetics can reveal itself on one’s neck in the form of “rope-like” bulges. During the fall, winter and even the cooler spring months, many resort to hiding their necks behind a turtleneck sweater or scarf. Get ready to ditch the scarves and purchase some lower necklines: Neck bands can easily be treated for a smoother look — without surgery.

Neck Bands & BOTOX: How it Works

Often due to the natural aging process or weight fluctuations, underlying loose bands of muscle in the neck, called platysma bands, can become more prominent in their appearance. They look kind of like vertical ropes protruding out of the front of the neck, stretching from under the chin down to the bottom of the neck area. These muscles, when flexed and bunched up, and can also compound the look of a double chin, sagging jaw line or the “turkey wattle.” Sunset Cosmetic Surgery offers and simple, non-surgical treatment that can effectively improve the look of these “bulging neck bands.” The board certified plastic surgeons of Sunset Cosmetic Surgery help patients achieve smoother, more youthful-looking necks using BOTOX® to relax the playsma bands. This temporarily prevents the muscles from flexing so they don’t bunch up and bulge outward.

Real Results. Real Fast.

Female neck, before and after botox treatment, front viewThe results are a smoother-looking neck, but it gets even better. The platysma bands not only cause the “ropey” look in the neck area when they tighten and bunch up, they also pull down on the jawline area. Once treated with Botox and temporarily relaxed, a subtle lifting of the jawline often occurs as well. The results are certainly not as dramatic as a surgical neck lift, but the jawline often does get a subtle benefit. Though not a permanent solution, Botox offers beautiful results and typically 3-6 months. The amount of Botox required varies by the number and size of the bands, but typically 4-8 units of Botox are used per band.

BOTOX® injections require little or no downtime and can be performed at Sunset Cosmetic Surgery’s Los Angeles office in around 30 minutes.

Side Effects & Safety

Side effects for neck band treatments with Botox are similar to those when administered to the facial regions. There may be some initial redness and swelling after the procedure, but these symptoms tend to fade quickly in the hours following the procedure (or at most, one to two days). Patients should be able to resume normal daily activities right after treatment and will start noticing the neck-smoothing results, which can last up to six months. Full safety information (PDF).

Like all procedures, choosing a trained, experienced professional to restore your neck band back to a youthful appearance is highly recommended. The double-board certified surgeons of Sunset Cosmetic Surgery, Drs. Svehlak and Yamini, personally administer all of their own patient injections – never passing a patient’s well being over to a nurse or technician. For years, the practice has been recognized with Black Diamond Status (by Allergan – the makers of BOTOX®) as a top 1% provider in the nation and Dr. Yamini is often invited by Allergan to lecture and educate others as a BOTOX® expert.

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