What is Plastic Surgery Tourism? 

Plastic Surgery Tourism is essentially deal hunting for the cheapest plastic surgery while also traveling and receiving plastic surgery…

When it comes to shopping, we all want the best deal, right? We send our CVS coupons to ur phones to use upon checkout, frequent sites like Groupon, Living Social and Gilt scouring the net for enticing ads; ‘Spend $50, get $100.” All to save some green and feel better about the rate at which we spend our hard earned cash. The question remains, when should we aggressively deal hunt and when should we strictly quality hunt? When does it become more important to pay top dollar for a service to ensure not only piece of mind but top notch resuls? I’ll give you one guess, when you are undergoing surgery. Any type of surgery. No amount of saved money will be worth your health and ultimately your life.

What is Medical Tourism, botched abroad

You could very well find a good plastic surgeon over seas, their regulations are different from the US however and you most likely will not be covered liability wise if anything were to go wrong. Also the idea of traveling while undergoing surgery is horrible in that it increases the risk of complications. When receiving plastic surgery the goal is to keep prompt post-operative appointments with your surgeon and should there be any complications be able to head straight into the office for review. Resting is also a key factor in the healing process. Long flights, car rides and foreign hotels are not ideal for recovery.

I have friends who did it…and they turned out fine.

Remember the old saying, “if your friends jumped off a cliff, would you do it too?” Regardless of a friend or family member successfully taking a risk, it simply is not worth gambling your health over. The best bet? Find a Board Certified plastic surgeon that you connect with, who understands your cosmetic goals and believes he or she can meet them with the smallest amount of complications and stress. You can put a price on peace of mind and that is whatever the cost and fees are that this doctor charges. There are many board certified plastic surgeons out-patient care facilities that follow strict US guidelines to choose from if you are traveling to receive your plastic surgery within the United States as well.

Ok, I get it! So where do I find the right surgeon?

A great website to begin your research by heading to Here you can search for board certified plastic surgeons that have followed the strict guidelines set by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Look at before and after photos of the surgeries you are interested in and also understand that no two human bodies are made alike. What was used and looks great for one patient may not be the best option for you. You may even need a totally different surgery then you once thought to achieve the results you are looking for. Choose a doctor whose input you feel comfortable trusting and remember they are the professional and will do their best to achieve the results you desire.


Photo Below: This is a patient of Dr. Svehlak’s who traveled to Mexico to receive liposuction plastic surgery for a better price by a non-board certified plastic surgeon. She was left with unsightly scar tissue and an uneven and lumpy belly and had to undergo thousands of dollar worth of liposuction revision surgery, fat grafting as well as a tummy tuck to repair the damage that was done by just one bad previous surgery. Click the photo to see the rest of her before and after’s!

Woman's body, before and after liposuction revision surgery, front view




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