We see it everywhere, women with big booties and curves are exploding onto the media and cultural scene and many of us are left wondering what happened to the big-boob, blonde and skinny fad! It’s crazy just how quickly the ideal image of beauty shifts right? Not that I’m complaining. As a woman of an ethnic background and a curvy body type (to say the least) it is actually very exciting to see women of multi-racial backgrounds and “real” bodies famed as popular. Wait did you catch that? I said REAL.

The issue here is that these curvy and voluptuous bodies are supposed to represent a revolution for women and our body image. This is supposed to be the dawning of a new age. We’re supposed to feel empowered to love our skin even if it jiggles! To feel comfortable enough to stop calorie counting and start embracing our figures (let us eat cake!). However, this skewed body image is actually turning women in the complete opposite direction and creating a sort of reverse-body shame.

The bodies being portrayed in the media all of a sudden have completely unnatural proportions. Women in pop culture today seem to be reduced to some Animal Channel depiction of how a wild bird would attract a male mate. Ok…maybe that example is too extreme but common! Obnoxiously large buttocks and full breasts with a teeny-tiny waste is now the idea of beauty? We don’t buy it! Or do we?

The answer is yes, some of us are buying it. Literally. Not only are we buying it but we’re buying it illegally, totally unethically and against all sound judgment of what is healthy for our bodies. You may already know where I’m going with this but I’m talking silicone injections. A wave of cosmetic patients have used silicone injections to drastically enhance their bottoms for a fuller and rounder look. Silicone has even been injected into the lips and face, promising permanent and beautiful results. The sad part about this is that most of the women buying these silicone injections either don’t know what they are really buying or have no idea just how dangerous and even life threatening it can turn out to be in the future.

The FDA recently released a story stating that the use of silicone injections for anywhere on the body (except the eye for very specific ocular surgery) is completely unethical and dangerous. They state…“simply injecting silicone into various parts of the body for contouring purposes is not approved by the FDA. Side effects of such a procedure can occur immediately, or may appear after days, weeks, months, or years, according to the statement. Side effects include pain, scarring, disfigurement, life-threatening embolism, stroke, or infection, the FDA emphasized.

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It can be imagined that the people who trusted a “injector” to use this product in their bodies are not only frightened but are feeling helpless after reading this article or learning about the dangers of silicone injections. As we’ve discussed in other topics on this blog your heath is one thing you absolutely cannot gamble with. What should you do if you’re currently dealing with a silicone scare? The first step is to listen to your body.

If you are having symptoms of rejecting the silicone and are having problems in/around the injection sites the first thing to do is see a Doctor. There may be other health-scares going on in your body as a result of the silicone, and your overall health is what is most important. For removal and cosmetic revision of silicone in the body there is only one type of doctor you should trust and that is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.

Many Board Certified Plastic Surgeons are getting calls and consultation requests from patients who have undergone silicone injections and are having complications. The best thing to do is stay calm and work together to take the best course of action. The good news is that the Cosmetic industry is a world that is constantly listening to consumers and working to utilize technology and product advancements in order to help women achieve the look they are desiring without endangering their health. HA fillers, fat transfer and body contouring can all be done in a very safe way when performed by a trained and experienced Plastic Surgeon.

The moral of this story is that the ideal “perfect female body” and look changes so rapidly in the media that it is ultimately best to learn to love yourself. It may sound cheesy but where there is warm and fuzzy moral message there is truth. Chasing fads and phases will leave you feeling empty and insecure, who needs that? Instead, be healthy, strong and confident in your skin and leave the rest to Photoshop and magazine editors that get paid the big bucks to make women look completely unrealistic.

If you or someone you know is considering silicone injections please think twice and remember there are safe and healthy ways to look your absolute best. Give our office a call if you are in need of a consultation regarding previously injected silicone. 310-858-9100.

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