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The Sunset Difference: Arm Liposuction

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Those living in Los Angeles who possess thick and bulky arms can receive arm lipo at our Beverly Hills-area office, where board-certified plastic surgeons Dr. Daniel Yamini and Dr. Steven Svehlak can re-sculpt the areas using specialized techniques of liposuction, known as liposculpting. The excess fat can be removed and sculpted to achieve a better look.

If you are looking to reshape and de-bulk your upper arms, request a consultation for arm lipo at Beverly Hills practice Sunset Cosmetic Surgery. Contact us or by phone at 310-858-9100.

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Who Can Receive Arm Lipo?

Liposuction of the arms is for patients with decent skin elasticity, as the skin should be able to conform to the newly contoured shape of the arm. The procedure is primarily meant to remove excess fat deposits from the upper arm. For those who are looking to improve just the arms, or just a few smaller areas, this procedure can be done under a local anesthesia, avoiding the effects of general anesthesia.

Arm lipo at our Beverly Hills practice has made a significant impact in the arm size of our patients, and has left them much more proportionate to the rest of their body. Our surgeons are licensed, skilled, and adept at the latest, safest, and most effective tools and techniques of liposculpture. Unlike liposuction for larger areas, liposculpture for smaller areas involves the gentle removal, repositioning, and reshaping of fat, to leave the area leaner and better shaped – hence the derivative term “sculpture” is used.

For those will excess, hanging, or stretched out skin, a brachioplasty or arm lift procedure may be more appropriate, as it can help remove both excess fat and skin, as well as tighten and tone remaining skin for a firmer appearance.

It is important to note that neither arm lifts nor arm lipo are not weight loss procedures, but may be complementary to a balanced diet and exercise. In fact, nearly all patients that come to our practice choose to receive arm lipo after dieting and exercise efforts have not completely yielded the appearance they are looking to achieve.

Typical Recovery Time After Arm Lipo

The first day after your arm lipo procedure, you will be groggy from the anesthesia and pain medications. Patients may be asked to wear a compression garment after their surgery to help reduce swelling and post-operative discomfort. Swelling and bruising are common and temporary surgery related side effects that continually get better with time, but may be most noticeable in the first one to two weeks after surgery. Most patients are back to work in about a week (or less) and can resume moderate physical activity after several weeks to their comfort level.

Sunset Cosmetic Surgery offers a plethora of cosmetic procedures (both surgical and non-surgical) tailored to each patient under the leadership of experienced, board-certified plastic surgeons. To learn more about procedures such as arm lipo in Beverly Hills and determine whether they may be appropriate for you, contact our practice or by phone at 310-858-9100 .

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