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A youthful face is marked by tight, firm skin that gives definition to the jawline, provides rounded cheeks, and creates an overall look of health and vitality. As collagen diminishes, elastin breaks down, and facial fat shifts or vanishes, the face gains a sagging, aged look. A facelift at the Los Angeles area’s Sunset Cosmetic Surgery rejuvenates the face and neck area by tightening the skin and any drooping underlying muscles and tissue.

A facelift is ideal for eliminating dropping cheeks, jowls, and signs of sagging in the chin area. Men and women alike choose this surgery to regain a younger-looking profile. Many patients consider a facelift to be “turning back the clock” since they will continue to age but will do so from a new starting point.

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Why Choose Sunset for a Facelift?

Dr. Dan Yamini and Dr. Steve Svehlak are highly experienced facelift surgeons who excel in achieving natural-looking face lift results for their Beverly Hills and Los Angeles area patients. Their long record of safe surgeries and satisfied patients speaks to their medical knowhow and artistic ability.

Facelift Explained

During a facelift procedure, Dr. Svehlak and Dr. Yamini make incisions that balance their access to tissues for repositioning with a desire for minimal scarring. Extreme care goes into the location of the incisions, ensuring each one is placed so it will be well-hidden and least detectable. Other highly advanced techniques are used to make sure earlobes appear natural, and the “done” look is avoided. Facelift incisions are typically made in the hairline and behind the ears.

The surgery may involve the removal of a small amount of fat with liposuction and the repositioning of remaining fat to create ideal contours. The skin will then be repositioned over the new contours. While the doctors work to tighten away any sagging, they also take great care to re-drape the skin without tension. This helps achieve the least detectable scar possible and maintains the earlobe in its normal anatomic position (a shifted earlobe can be a telltale sign of a poorly done facelift). During our facelift surgery, care is also taken in the hairline area behind the ear to look very natural once healed.


Simply tightening the skin on the face can sometimes result in a “pulled” look. The deeper muscle layer (or SMAS layer) is also lifted and stitched to give additional support and lift. Sagging is only part of the facial aging process, which is also caused by a loss of fat in the face. The surgeons often perform precisely placed facial fat grafting in conjunction with each Los Angeles face lift. This helps produce the most natural-looking results possible by adding subtle volume while correcting the sagging.
*Patient results may vary.

Typical Facelift Recovery Times

Plan on resting for the first few days after your facelift in the Beverly Hills area. You will be swollen, and most people also experience some post-operative bruising. Stitches are usually removed during the first week of recovery, and you will need to exercise care when working with your hair (and shaving, for men) since you will have incisions along the hairline. Avoid strenuous activities for about three weeks. The average time off work for most of our facelift patients is around two weeks. View facelift recovery photos week by week.

Facelift Cost

Your surgeon will discuss facelift cost with you during your consultation, which will also include viewing before-and-after photographs of prior patients so you can get an idea of what similar procedures could do for you. This is also the time to get answers to questions you may have about the surgery.

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*Patient results may vary.

Procedures to Complement a Facelift

A facelift can eliminate certain creases and lines, but finer lines and wrinkles—especially those higher on the face—are best addressed with a separate procedure, such as a brow lift or eyelid surgery. BOTOX® is an option for people who want to temporarily smooth out forehead lines and crow’s feet.

As noted above, fat grafting is frequently used to return volume to where it is needed in the face. JUVÉDERM® and other dermal fillers can do the same, with results lasting for years, depending on the specific products used.

Dr. Steve Svehlak and Dr. Dan Yamini can explain whether surgeries, minimally invasive treatments, or a combination of the two will deliver the youthful results patients seek.

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