With today’s technology, anesthesia and pain control, minimally-invasive cosmetic procedures are the industry’s fastest growing trend. Routinely performed, there are many cosmetic surgical procedures which don’t require an operating room setting and general anesthesia. While more comprehensive and time-intensive procedures such as breast augmentations, facelifts or tummy tucks still do, the following procedures can often be done in an office setting using an oral sedative and local anesthesia for numbing:  Ear surgery, upper eyelid surgery, chin implants, facial fat grafting, highly targeted liposuction (aka MINI SUCLPT), liposuction repair, belly button surgery, scar revision, laser neck lifts, minor nose revisions, lip lifts (or reductions) and saline breast implant deflation.

For any cosmetic plastic surgery procedure, the advice of highly experienced and board certified plastic surgeon is always strongly recommended. OB-GYNS, ER doctors and other types of physicians are legally allowed to perform in-office procedures, like liposuction, with as little as a few weekend courses. With a skilled and well-trained plastic surgeon, in-office procedures have some definite benefits compared with having the same procedure done under general anesthesia:

Save Money. These procedures are found to be extremely cost-effective since the operating room and anesthesiologist fees can typically run a few thousand dollars for any given procedure. The cost of an oral sedative and local anesthesia is a fraction of this and most surgeons don’t charge a “room rental” rate in their office.

Save Time. Cosmetic surgery can also mean multiple trips to the office and surgery center. General anesthesia takes additional time before and after the procedure vs. local anesthesia. The reduced recovery times of in-office procedures often fit patients’ busy and active lifestyles better.

It is Sunset Cosmetic Surgery’s goal for each patient to feel relaxed, comfortable and have a pleasant, pain-free experience during any cosmetic procedure. With attention to every detail, all in-office procedures at Sunset are performed in private rooms using state-of-the-art equipment and the latest techniques. The best way to determine if you are a candidate for an in-office version of a cosmetic procedure?  A consultation with one of our double-board certified, award-winning surgeons.


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